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Phil A
Skate Report Wed 29 May 2002 The predicted rain didn't happen but I'm not sure that didn't provide an excuse for many skaters to stay indoors rather than have a great skate with their skating mates. It was also much warmer outside that you would have thought.

David turned up with a different route in mind tonight but didn't let on straight away. He also told us that he had driven down Moore Park Rd during the day and it had just been repaved ! So lets go.

Rather than going straight up Oxford St we went down to Woolloomooloo via St Marys Rd to the Domain Parking Station. Where they went to from there I don't know because just as everyone took off Bradley decided that tonight (and now) was a good time to put on his brake. We eventually caught up with everyone at the top of the steps at Victoria St at the back of the Cross.

We skated up to Macleay St and then up to the fountain straight past some of the local constabulary holdin Random Breath Testing but they didn't want to test us (yet!). After catching our breath at the fountain we took off through Kings Cross along Darlinghurst Road and kept going along the other end of Victoria Rd towards St Vincents Hospital. David stopped before we got there and had to call the over excited few back because tonight we were going where no other Sydney Bladers City Skate had gone before, across the small bridge behind the Hospital where more police were doing breath testing, but we were going in the other direction.

We zig zagged through the back streets of Edgecliff & Paddington sometimes taking some pretty steep uphills and ended up coming out at the top of Oxford St and the newly smooooth Moore Park Rd. How new we were just about to find out because half way down we came across a pile of witches hats blocking the road but as it was still smooth we didn't need to stop for them until the guy waving the red torch stick called out some names I don't remember ever having been called before (well maybe once or twice), so the footpath finished the run.

We went through the carpark of the SFS or Aussie Stadium (whatever it is called today) and then I don't know where we went but ended up skating down a few back streets of Chippendale & Redfern while a splinter group took off for Foveaux St (it was too close to miss - so I was told).

The main group came out at City Road and then skated through Victoria Park and across Parramatta Road to Glebe Point Road. It was down here I realised my little high speed slide the week before hurt a little more than just a bit of skin off my knee when I jumped over a speed hump and tore a muscle in my stomach. I skated up to Bill and just as I was telling him and stopping I nearly dropped to the ground as it stretched some more.

After a little rest to get my breath back (where I did consider catching a cab the rest of the way) Bill & I continued down Pyrmont Bridge Road to catch up with the group. From here we skated up to Harris St and along to John St for our fast run down the Casino Hill. By now the main group had left me well behind but that didn't stop a fast run down here. Instead of skating uphill to Pyrmont Bridge Bill, Ben & I headed up the steps of the Light Rail which bought us out at the beginning of the bridge.

It was just a short push across the bridge before drinks but a quick spot at the escalators for Ben to have a ride and we were reunited with all the group just in time for the Macquarie Bank Party at the Pontoon Bar.

It was here we found out that Chris had had a bit of a high speed spill too while clashing skates downhill with another skater (who was that ?) and he only took a bit of bark off his elbow. Wait until next week mate.

What a good different way we went tonight and I hope everyone had as good a time as me.

Hope to see you all next week for a Virgin Skate.
See you there.

Keep Skating
Phil A

Many thanks to David for or
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