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Skaterman (not)
Oh, what a night! A clear & crisp evening greeted the hearty skaters who managed to prize themselves away from watching State-of-Origin, in the warmth of pub & home.

Dave took off, leading us up College Street to Whitlam Square. Then up Oxford Street to Taylor’s Square where some made a quick pit stop to top up on fuel & liquids. A dash down Bourke Street & into Albion Street before crossing Flinders Street & venturing one block of Anzac Parade & across into Moore Park. Here a new path was ventured; a slight downhill gradient on a twisty track that was so smooooth . The only downside was the lack of lighting in one or two sections, catching a few people by surprise, & on the grass, when the track changed direction. We then sailed past the SCG & entered Fox Studios for a quick tour of the premises. The footy must have captured the attention of the security personnel as we skated unhindered around the complex. Bill’s mechanical expertise was then called on to make running repairs to Kat’s skates.

Some netballers were still practising at Moore Park, so luckily for us the floodlights were still on. That was until they finished training & the ranger pulled the plug, literarily, on our fun. A scoot down the bus lane found us skating along Allison Road & up the hill behind Randwick Racecourse, to be perched alongside UNSW peering down High Street. Unfortunately, the charge down High Street was not without incident. Phil A had a high-speed stack. Whilst avoiding a car, Phil placed his foot in a depression & smacked the bitumen hard. “Lucky Phil” managed to avoid serious injury, calling on his years of experience, by rolling back up onto his knee & wrist pads as he slid down the road. Bruised, scraped & battered, but not daunted, Phil continued on his merry way, for the rest of the night, as if nothing had happened.

After checking out Phil’s damage & his report on the incident, we headed along Anzac Parade & up Todman Avenue to South Dowling Street. Dave then directed us along the smooth track, a result of the re-landscaping that occurred due to the installation of the Eastern Distributor, past Moore Park golf course & into the top-end of Moore Park. From here we could smell the downhill that is Foveaux Street.

Sean, Chris & Mark & friends HAD to do Foveaux twice, whilst the rest of us headed to the Devonshire Street tunnel. Fans returning from the State of Origin footy marvelled at the stair riding at the entrance to the tunnel. From here our merry band became a bit disjointed. There were at least 4 separate groups of people heading their way through the City in search of each other. I was with Phil A & we headed through the tunnel & along the new section to Ultimo Road. From here we found Phil Ting’s group skating up Harris Street. The run down the hill towards the harbour was bliss. Then it was a quick skate around to, and through, the Casino & then across Pyrmont Bridge for a very well earned drink.

Post-drink, I followed Bill & Phil to the INSKI Midnight Sale. We arrived at 1 minute to midnight & had a great time checking out all the schmick gear & dreaming of this seasons upcoming snow follies.

It was good to see Brendan from Auckland – hope you enjoyed the skate & hope you return.

Johnny, George, Bradley, Skaterman & everybody else – we missed you (no we didn’t but we want you to feel lurved!).

Graham Horsnell was back – he picked a nice long first skate after the injury.

Damien Omen II is heading to London – so make sure you get to City Skate & make peace with him/give him your blessing, before one of our best skaters leaves our shores.

Remember to floss as well as brush.

Cheers everybody!

Warren Millers "Cold Fusion"
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