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Phil A
Skate Report Wed 15 May 2002 After a day of rain on and off you wouldn't expect to get in a City Skate would you ?

Well, there were 15 hardy souls who ventured out anticipating some dry patches in the City streets. And we weren't disappointed. There were a couple of visitors with us tonight. Ray from Perth and Jeff from Boston. Great to see you guys, we hope you enjoyed yourselves and tell your skating mates about us. Don't forget you can keep in touch by registering for the email list as shown below.

After Helen skidding up to the van on the slippery footpath and David not willing to put on his skates no one was sure what was in store for us tonight. David finally put his skates on and we took off through the city to keep to the well trafficked streets.

Across Macquarie St and along Phillip St to Hunter St where we waited for a break in the traffic for our first quick downhill to Pitt St. Back along Pitt St where we took the ever so smooth route through the Hilton Arcade. Twice through here and up to Castlereagh St for another nice smooth (not like the Hilton, nothing is like the Hilton) downhill to Hay St at the bottom of Central. We waited for a while here to try and decide our next move when David took off up the ramp to Central.

Will & I skated into Central Hall and decided we could go through to Elizabeth St and Central Tunnel. We whistled and waved the others over but they stood firm. By the time we skated back to the group the security was telling us we had to move off but we wanted a quick group photo at the entrance. A few were not willing to wait while I took the photo as the security guard was telling us to move on. After the photo we did go and crossed over George St to the top of Quay St for a run down to the Entertainment Centre Parking Station where we skated straight to the top.

We had a great, fast run all the way down the ramps to the dead end at the bottom of the car park then we went through Darling Harbour to Liverpool St and then back up George St to Wynyard. A great run through Wynyard and some stair riding at, a very slippery, Wynyard Park. From here we crossed over to No 1 York St and then across the road to Kent St (not through the pedestrian walk tonight as it would have been too slippery). Kent St took us to the top of the ski hill and after a couple of quick runs here we went back along Argyle Place and Lower Fort St to the top of George St. This gave us a quick run down George St to the Overseas Terminal at Circular Quay where the paving along the Quay was all wet. I did see someone who made the right call and went along the upper path which wasn't nearly as wet.

It was getting a bit late by this time so we stopped at the Ship Inn for the nice cleansing drink at the end of a great skate.

Did I say the end ? We were saying our goodbyes when Ben said that as Ray was heading home to Perth tomorrow he was going to take him around the Opera House. So who were we to pull the pin when there was still a run to be had. We all travelled around the Quay to the Opera House and skated along the downstairs level and when we came up to the ground level the call was to skate through the roadway under the steps. Now that was a new experience when we got to the other side ready for a run around the front the path was blocked off for some building work. A couple had a go at the stairs and then we took off across the rumble strips back to the Quay. This took Jeff by surprise and he had his first fall of the night but quickly got onto the smooth strip. Ben, Ray & I stopped for some escalator riding practise and then back through the Quay Toasters we went and back to the cars.

I didn't believe we would get in a skate at all tonight and to come up with such a fun skate was a real bonus. Have you noticed how many fast downhills were mentioned in this report ?

Hope to see you all next week. Keep skating
Phil A

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