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Where was skaterman for the Bondi skate ?
Oh woe is me!!!!! So where di we go last night?? Well I cannot say where the group went but Skaterman was at home!!!

Yes he made a short appearance at the last virgin night,promised to be there last night and then did not appear.

"Why is this", he hear's the woeing damsels crying??

Well not many people noticed that last week skaterman was, well, more stand-around-man than Skaterman.

Turns out our defender of justice hurt his ankle in a incident involving the biggest #@8$ing kite you ever did see, a wakeboard and some very shallow water.

In all his excitement he returned to the skate too early and suffered as a result.

Maybe we'll see his silhouette next week. In the mean time you can take some comfort in knowing that his trusty sidekick SkaterBoy is there. That is when he is not leaving the group on a wild trip down steep hills!!

till later


PS No matter what you hear or think you heard - Skaterman's sexuality has not been called into questioned by his decision to use pink wheels. This is in the interest of the groups safety!

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