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Phil A
Skate Report Virgin Night Wed 1 May 2002 The forecast rain held of for another wonderful Sydney Autumn Night and a great night for a City Skate.

Tonight saw the return of a few not so regular regulars who waited for a Virgin night for their return. After grouping at the Palace Gates we all moved off to Hyde Park for one of our now regular routes around the paths. It is about here that I got a bit side tracked and found that I was always trying to catch up.

Around Hyde Park, up to Pitt St Mall around to Martin Place for the 3 step trick (still no semi-conscious drunks and no Tim, although from his message he will be back soon) and then along George St. I'm sure it took longer than that !

David led us through Angel Place, but no theatre goers standing in our way tonight and back out into Pitt St or was that George St. We had a great run down Bridge St that I had never done before and then down to Circular Quay where on the wet Customs House forecourt a great display of long powerslides (there is a small video, 938K, in the images of this).

It was about here that there were whispers in my ear of trails down Foveaux St but I decided I would be too slow for them and stayed with the Virgins.

We followed around the Overseas Terminal and around the Park Hyatt where we regrouped under the bridge. We then skated around to the steps at the bottom of the Ski Hill where the adventurous had as many runs as they could fit in before David took the lead around to the top of the Rocks. This was a bit of a different way tonight as we skated past the oldest church in Australia (The Garrison church) along Lower Fort St to the beginning of George St. It was a fun skate along through the Rocks straight back to the Ship Inn at Circular Quay for a cleansing drink. I don't know if we earned it tonight as there seemed to be much standing around and not lots of flat out skating. Next week.

It was still a fun night and great to see the return of Skaterman, Gen and Kat who we havent seen for quite a while.

Thats about it for today. Hope to see you all next week

You all come back now, ya hear!
Keep Skating
Phil A

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