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alan the virile
kite-blading, (in London) greatest thing since slice bread. and chess. and bran most of u dont know me but my name is alan sphere, im from syd but living in london, did a couple of skates with u guys when i was in syd dec-jan

anyway ive had heaps on interest from london skate group in this serendipitous new sport- got the idea at a bbq in a pk where people were flying kites.

message forwarded as follows:hey there, alan here, this is great, i windsurf in australia, and finally there is something to fill the space! i live in stockwell and dn the rd (clapham common) i can jump on my normal skates with a small backpack which holds the kitesurfing kite (bought a bigger / 5m sq kitesurfing type of kite second hand from the loot for 180. - u need a 'traction' kite - which has 4 lines and can thus b controlled to pull more in one dir + self launches easily

takes a good afternoon to get the hang of it- 1st learning to controll it without blades on. on blades u just glide over the grass because of the uplift, n keep one foot in front of the other and u can literally skate accross the wind indef, even up wind a bit. people look at u like uve got 10 heads n 3 feet! so funny.

sms to +4477 131 59547
cheers anyway - alan
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