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Phil A
Chatswood Skate Report. Wed 10 April 2002 WOW !! How was that ?
It was a nice Sydney Autumn night and we had a run to do.
Chatswood to the City and as many downhills as we could.
The run through Wynyard was the most uneventful we had ever had and no one chasing us up the steps to tell us to take our skates off. The train was only a small one and pretty full but we managed to squeeze our way into the carriages but were a bit separated. The trip went quickly with many people on their way home from work wondering why we were on the train with our skates on.

Chatswood didn’t disappoint us with the Security getting a bit aggro and telling us to get off the concourse (he also told us to take the wheelchair ramp down. Oh, OK)

Collecting the others that met us at Chatswood we sat all over the stairs, with Johnny hanging from his ankles above us, for a quick Photo opportunity and then took off into the night. Under the Help St tunnel always gives me the creeps as the surface is really uneven, but that is a Chatswood Skate. A quick skate around the bus terminus was interrupted by the busses moving so it was off to the Skate Bowl.

A skate bowl in the dark is always fun and some people showed us their skills here before we had all arrived then off downhill we set. There was a bit of uphill first and a bit more later but for the downhill we got on this skate it was well worth it.

David gave those that hadn’t been on this run before a bit of an idea of what to expect and off we went unhindered by any cars especially those with flashing lights. After a quick regroup at Artarmon Station and away we took along Hampden Rd then up & doowwn Herbert St to St Leonards Station. Wasn’t that quick?

It was about here that David ventured that we had time to fit in Ben Boyd Rd at Neutral Bay and that got the legs working. Up the highway to Crows Nest then we cut the corner off (with some nice steep backstreets) and stopped at the top of another nice downhill in Burlington St. This was fun, plenty of nice black speedbumps in the dark. Now it was straight up (yep, uphill) Falcon St to the top of Neutral Bay.

David stopped again to pass on his hints for this downhill when the road was so clear that a few of us couldn’t wait for the end of the chat and just took off. Wow nice smooth asphalt and a wide car free road. Better push a bit harder. I stood up a bit as I came into the first corner until I realised they were so nice, cambered & wide there was no need to slow. That was the first 3 bends but the 4th was a little tighter than I thought & as I stood on my brake Bill came shooting through on the inside. It was hard to brake for the end it was such fun but the light was red.

We spent a while waiting for the tail-enders to catch up then we had to wait for a break in the traffic (& there was a bit about) for the next run down Kurraba Rd. With the breaks in the lights a bit short it took a few groups to get us down here. Now it was uphill. Talk about heartbreak hill this was legbreak for me. Leading from the back again I finally caught up to the group just as they were starting up the Bridge run.

A nice scenic run over the western side of the bridge and a good quick slipstream down to Observatory Hill where we were once again all together as a group. A quick decision made for the ski hill run and off down the hill & through the terminus (its good to start & finish with a bus terminus) for a quick run to the bottom. Once down here you cant walk away without running up the steps for another (quicker & less scary) run. At the top ready for my next run Ben & Phil arrived with the tailenders so I got my second run with them. At the bottom Ben said he was going back up for another run so I couldn’t ignore that so back up the steps for my third run, and there was Johnny.

An uneventful but very quick run lead us on the road to our Quay watering hole. Just a quick det
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