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Johnny Be Good Meyer
Well it was very disappointing to find cars smashed, glass everywhere, banana skins on the footpaths, cats and Dogs living together!!!!!! Well the night was young but Graham Horsnell wasn't as you may have noticed Helen was alone this night except for the 20 young men at her side ...most of the time! It all started out just wonderful, well Billy & milly (I) thought we had made it in on time but we didn't count on David's spunkiness! He had a bright red Mo Hawk OOps!!! it was just 'By George you’ve got it" behind him with his bright red shirt being stretched to the max!!!!!!! Off to the park next to the Art Gallery for a chit and chat about City Skate Sensuality " Should it be banned? what are they going to think of next? don’t skate too close!!!! and a brake test for those who need it and let me tell you there were plenty we had to put a brake on as there were some pretty special, beautiful stunning and gorgeous girls out tonight, as it was Girls night tonight! De ja vou!!

We spent a while here and there and everywhere which just happened to be too damned long!! then went to the Art Gallery steps for a photo shoot! We took off for Hyde Park when one of our skaters said they noticed that there were no wheels on their skates so I got onto Bill Literally ! and he took Daniel (is traveling tonight on a plane) over to his van to find out that a dog was pissing against his tyre!!!!!! Bill took off to check on the kids while the rest of us continued towards Hyde Park where we got really dizzy lizzy!

Phil A was called back to check his stuff as persons (not to be mentioned by name But very bad bastards) HAD broken into Bill's van by smashing the window and when we checked there were 2 other skaters cars that had suffered the same fate.
Actually we only suffered little compared to these poor drugged out thieving mother f*****s whom never had the opportunity to be breast fed and brought up in normal surroundings like most of us!! They unfortunately have to live with themselves for the rest of their lives!! This certainly put a damper on the mood of the evening and it seemed that Bill had escaped with nothing taken but the girls were not so lucky. Bags, money and passports all missing. After standing around for a while wondering what to do (and with no response from the local constabulary) it was time for those willing to continue on our skate. Feeling happy that Bill had to clean up the glass from his car (and pick up the kids)Phil A went off with all the others (like deserting his best mate...BASTARD!) and quickly taking everything of his out of the now unsafe and condemned van that had written all over it pick me, pick me,pick me!! transferred my bag into another car and followed the crowd across to Hyde Park while searching the bushes nearby for any dumped bags. Those that stayed behind did a more detailed search and some bags & passports were found (even some bags of Bill's that he didn't realise were in his van.. although full of drugs and shit everyone was happy for him!).

By the time I caught up with the group they had already done a lap of both sides of the park and were on their way back to the City. Down Market St to Pitt St Mall where it seemed people were pushing well ahead of David. Sorry Mate but you must be getting too thin… we could never get past you in the past (Past tense!) At the end of the Mall a few had to be called back as we decided a few back lanes were more adventurous than just going straight down the Street. A couple of back lanes and into Martin Place and up to the 3 sets of stairs (yes sorry Damian no nodding drunk tonight - oh how I wish now I have a camera!) where a "cheerful" girl pretended to skate around us in her high heels. Good look. Then a quick loop around the Cenotaph and down George St to the Angel Place lane. Not wanting to have many of our virgins crashing on the dark path we took the lane this time and ran into a whole pile of people standing in the middle of the road. I'm sure we gave them a bit of a fright.

We stopped a Aust Square for a catch up and while D
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