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Graham H
Report for 27 March 2002
A Skate to remember, what a Night! The skate started with the usual complaints from Dave, we are all late again, can’t seem to get away before about ten past nine and definitely too late for a Chatswood run, also there is too much risk of rain.

“Newtown skate” says Dave and about 25 brave souls head out along Macquarie Street to Hyde Park, across the Park without incident, save for Johnny spreading himself out on the pavement a few times, but we are all used to that. Out along Oxford St. to Taylors Square where some stopped to admire the poster currently boasting the largest set of boobs in the city “and you thought you were gay…” emblasoned boldly across them across them. Talk about a target audience!

A fast roll down Bourke St., with little problem from the few cars sharing the skate track. Soon all the troops are milling around Green Square, some were running the escalators down to the station, which surprisingly did not draw the security guards out. A quick run out to Sydney Park was uneventful, apart from some tricky gravel that had been spilled on the road. Those hoping for a good run down the grass hill at Sydney Park were to be disappointed due to the soft wet ground.

With rain threatening Dave hurried one and all on up King St to our official drink stop on Missenden Road. We nearly lost one skater to a truck as he entered on to King St. but other than that, no real problems. Missenden Road roundabout provided the usual entertainment with cars and skaters in confusion, again no damage. Missenden Rd. is rough as usual, must write to the council about the poor road surface.

Across Paramatta Rd. and into to Bridge Rd. A fairly long up hill skate from there toward Glebe Point Rd intersection.

At this point, yours truly decided to move ahead of the pack to get a start on the fast downhill that winds its way to Wentworth Park and the fish markets. I pause outside the well patronised pub on the corner, waiting for the action to begin. Glancing up the hill to where the pack has stopped I notice the first car stopped at the lights is, you guessed it, the local constabulary in their paddy wagon. Thoughts cross my mind of screaming DON’T SKATE, but it is all too late, the pack are rolling and very fast! This gives our police spectators a truly fine view of Sydney’s intrepid bladers, at their best, tearing across Glebe Point Rd intersection as if there is no tomorrow. The police seemed impressed but unconcerned, right up to the point when Ryan, Damien and JBGM rip through the intersection with well lit BRIGHT RED and exceedingly smoky flares. The paddy wagon decides to join in the fun and chases the pack down Bridge Rd, lights flashing and siren on. Tracking the skaters was easy due to the distinctive smoke pall, which was sporting a fine red glow at its source. By this time our torch bearers discovered that once lit, emergency flares can be very, very hard to turn off! Thankfully the police seem to have been in reasonable humor. There were no arrests. Others no doubt can tell more of the detail, but this was a skate to be remembered.

After regrouping at the fish markets the pack then ran up Harris St for the usual finishing blast down the Harris St ski hill. Dave reported more police interference at Harris St., perhaps the word had been passed on regarding our presence. From there it was on up to the roundabout, on past the casino and across the Pyrmont Bridge to the Pontoon Bar for a well earned drink and the usual swapping of stories.

Graham H
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