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The one who favours five wheels
Skate Report for Wed 13 Mar 2002 Despite it starting to drizzle on the drive in, we went anyway and our faith was rewarded. No sign of rain in town and it stayed that way all night. Presumably as a result of the clouds a smallish group of around 20 was it and off we went with a destination of NSW uni and the high st hill in mind. Good to see Helen & Graham back and fitter than ever after a couple of weeks skiing at high altitude.

We went via Hyde park as usual, and Johnny the loud pulled a 360 off the stairs without deliberately or accidentally falling over, amazing stuff!!

The decision was whether to go via Centennial Park or the bus lane, and the bus lane it was. Good to really stretch it out along this section, we haven't done it for a while. Everyone made it along fine despite some over zealous honking from a frustrated bus driver.

A quick pit stop at a servo on Alison rd was in order, then on to high st for a nice run down the hill, some of us being interrupted by a red light, but thems the breaks. From there we went off to the Moore Park supacentre via the new housing estate along the way, where some tricky wet patches were left as a trap for us, safely negotiated by all I think, despite at least one fall that I saw.

Our usual back route through the warehoused along South Dowling street was stymied by some very tall closed gates, so a detour to the west was taken and we ended up on Elizabeth st. Off course we had to do Foveaux st on the way back so back east along Cleveland st and up crown st we went.

Damian drew the short straw on this one and had a close call with the "Oh shit, there's taxi coming straight across the road in front of me" scenario, an experience you really don't want and a reminder that anyone not proficient in braking and turning should approach this hill with caution (there ends the gratuitous safety lecture!).

From here it was off through central tunnel and down the newer back streets parallel to Harris st and down the hill round past the casino for an exceedingly well earned beverage. Some of us tried the stairs for a second run on the hill but the building site is walled off like a fortress with barbed wire fences now so it was no go.

A long and very enjoyable skate, ably led by Phil T and with fewer and shorter stops than has been the trend of late.

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