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Robert the Bruised
Virgin's night/City Wait I have written this report as our normal writer and photographer, Phil is taking a short break.

Well, what a turn out it was! Such a fine night really pulled the skaters out from their holes with a turnout of around 60! (someone said 60 – I wasn’t game to try and count myself.)
On the way to the Palace gates, from meeting place number 2, the group was stopped while a police guard held us off the path for a visiting group of dignitaries from Zimbabwe. By the time we got to the Palace Gates, a rather large throng of eager skaters greeted us, but before the usual virgin’s briefing could begin, we were all distracted by the sound of fireworks. Skating down towards the Conservatorium of Music, revealed a spectacular show of sparks, possibly in honour of our visiting African friends, but more likely in honour of one of the best events in Sydney’s calendar – City Skate. We skated back to the top of Martin Place, with the smell of sulphur wafting slowly westwards and re-grouped for Bill’s briefing. Such a large turnout, but not so many virgins for the evening (or maybe not too many game to raise their hands). After the obligatory disclaimers, we ventured a bit further down for some large airtime a la stairs. Only one managed a flawless flight with a level-legged landing, though many managed the jump with less stylish recoveries. The onlookers of both the wheeled and the wheel-less were sufficiently wowed by such cunning stunts, but the evening was yet young.

Hyde Park was next on the circuit with it’s smooth ways and fairy lit trees, ever the favourite and a good warm up ground for the less even back streets soon to follow.
Due to the large numbers and possibly the warm, lazy evening, there were many rest breaks, the first of the long ones being at the 7-11, causing me to name this report city-wait, rather than skate. After loitering with intent to skate for some time, we headed East and South through a few winding alleys and downward slopes. A few stragglers here caused some truncation of the group and a schism formed to run Foveaux St from the top. Unfortunately, I was with the stragglers and missed my opportunity this week.
After some play through the darkened winding ramps, with some minor injuries (where were your pads, Wes?), the group meandered through the Central Tunnel with a bit of stair work, followed by some speed work through the tunnel to the other side.

It was here that we noticed the familiar territory had changed – a new extended tunnel opening. Perhaps this discovery was the reason the group did not hang around to sample the stairs and the ski run of their normal playground, or perhaps it was because the group was a bit too big for this.
Our new exit took us out to the back of Quay St, where it was decided to make for Circular Quay via George St, with some pedestrian slalom. Then another re-group at the Town Hall Steps (possibly with less skaters), where it was decided that next week would be a Chatswood skate.
Here some of the more naughty skaters tried the QVB run, much to the annoyance of the security folk who, to their obvious dismay, have nothing better to do than hang around there on such a fine Wednesday night.
Without getting too much into detail, I have lodged a complaint with the Head of Security at the QVB, regarding the aggressive, threatening and unreasonable manner in which one of their staff conducted themselves, outside of their jurisdiction, on a public street. I have also agreed not to aggravate security there. I’d like to pass this thought on in the interest of keeping a good image to the public regarding skating, which is something we all bear the cross of. There – said.

But let’s not let that mar a perfect evening’s skate, so on towards the Ship Inn, where some of us thought the skate was over. Some stayed and beat the rush to the bar, others
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