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Phil A
Skate Report Wed 20 Feb 2002 - Steven Bradbury Night The promised storms didn't eventuate tonight so a great crew were able to come out and skate the streets of Sydney to celebrate "Steven Bradbury Night".

It was great to see the return of an old skating friend, who has been absent from City Skate for some time now, the ever repressible DICK. It was nice to see you back mate. It was also good to catch up with some skating friends from the US. Sorry I didn't get some photos of you guys. Hope you can join us again soon.

We caught up with everyone at the second meeting place (not) tonight and everyone was ready for a quick skate. As there were a few testers on some pretty fast looking skates tonight we took off to Mrs Macquarie's Chair. This was a pretty fast run and those with the aforementioned test skates (& me) had a very quick run. It was great to revisit an old haunt once again but unfortunately (or fortunately for Dick) we were unable to skate the grass hill. Back up the hill, watching for any potholes recently uncovered in the nasty weather we have had, to the units at Woolloomooloo Bay. Here we had a chance to get a bit of a stair skate down to the waterfront then we skated around to the Finger Wharf where the skate to the end of the wharf was cut short but as I was at the end I don't know if it was security (where are you David ?) or lack of resolve.

Along the wave past the Navy boats tied up for Mardi Gras and then back again to unwind. Here we stopped for the first of many drink stops and then took the steps up to Victoria St at the back of the Cross. At the top of these steps Bradley said "I can do that" and to much encouragement he strongly rode these steps all the way to the bottom. Well done Bradley. We took off while he was at the bottom and skated up to the Alemein Fountain at the main intersection of Kings Cross where we regrouped and took a quick photo opportunity with a couple of tourists.

We then skated down the main drag (and doesn't that have some connotations) right down the middle of the street across to William St and then across to Oxford St at the corner of St Vincents Hospital. We travelled back down Oxford St to Bourke St where we had a good run to the top of Foveaux St. This was where I found out how quick my skates were. As I usually leave my braking till very late I gave myself a bit of a fright as I went into this intersection (against the lights) very quick and had to detour around the footpath. Oops!

Ahh.. Foveaux St. Everyone must have had a good run down here tonight because when I got to the bottom there was no one there. When I asked some others where everyone was I was told they went back up for another run. EVEN BILL !

From here we went up to Central Tunnel and had another quick play on the steps before we raced through the tunnel to the plaza in the middle. The security were pretty quick to make sure we didn't stay here for long so we ended up riding the escalator up to the top of an access ramp back down into the tunnel where many people had fun swerving around the pedestrians and stationary skaters. Up the next escalator and we stopped for another drink stop at George St.

Down quay St at the back of Chinatown to Ultimo St that took us up to Harris St. We ran along Jones St parallel to Harris St until we decided to take an old route through the Goldsborough Mort building. I lead a few people astray by going down an underpass we used to go along often but tonight it was just a building site with wet cement, reinforcing wire, rocks & ruts to make it more of an obstacle course than a downhill run. This used to be a scary fast run as you had a hard turn under the road through a pedestrian tunnel when the pathway was in good order. Johnny showed us why he is the fall guy by crashing on the road spikes across the road into the building. We also had many onlookers
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