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Phil A
Skate Report Wed 13 Feb 2002 It had been raining so hard and long that even Noah was checking for leaks and this Wednesday looked like it was going to turn out the same when, out came the sun (well, it stopped raining) and the streets dried up giving us another nice balmy night for a City Skate.

As last week was a cancelled Virgin Night the general consensus was that all rained out Virgin Nights should only be postponed until the next dry Wednesday. So another precedent has been set and Virgin Night it was. This will now be the new rule.

There were some more new faces here tonight as well as some regulars returning ready to start off another new year of City Skate. As tonight was to be a Virgin Skate we started off quietly to see who was able to keep up, brake & turn but after a couple of laps of Hyde Park everyone was able to keep up and there seemed to be no falling over to stop.

With that out of the way all that remained was which way to go (and without any photos to prompt my memory where did we go) ? Sorry I forgot my camera as there was quite a photographic group tonight.

From Hyde Park we went down Market St to the Pitt St Mall and then to Martin Place and then ended up at Wynyard Park where a decision was made to try this group through Wynyard Station. This was interesting as it was still early and many commuters were still making their way back home and getting in our way. We also ran into the Florists madly packing their Valentines Day parcels in the middle of the concourse with packages and water everywhere. This mustn't have unsettled any of our skaters tonight because as we rode up the escalator the whole group was there and we didn't have to wait at all. This was how it worked all night tonight and we didn't have to have many catch-up stops.

Back at Wynyard Park we skated around to No 1 York St where many were able to practice their stair riding on the graduated steps (1-4). Then we skated down through the pedestrian underpass to Kent St and that was a pretty fast run too. Along Kent St and then a fast run down Dalgety Rd (the ski hill to many) and back up the steps for another run. On the first run I followed Sean on one of his lightning runs but had my heart in my mouth at the bottom when we had a bit of a "people slalom" around the corner. The next run was much better.

We continued around Hickson Rd to Pier One and under the bridge to the timber boardwalk in front of the Park Hyatt. We stopped at the Overseas Terminal for a look at the QE2, just arrived in Sydney, and took the steps to the top so we could look into the peepholes of luxury. As many didn't see any need to climb the steps we had to call them up as we weren't going back down this way. Was this where we lost some of our troupe ?

From the top level of the terminal we were able to skate across to George St and down through The Rocks. As we got near the end of The Rocks a quick decision was made to turn back down to the Quay as a Paddy Wagon was sitting at the intersection watching us all parade down the street. Across the front of the Quay to the Opera House where we went in the opposite direction tonight with no hassles by any of the pretenders in blue.

After a quick catch up at the other side (waiting for those who wanted to try the stairs) we decided against going up the stairs so skated back across to the (very smelly) Quay. We played in the forecourts of the AMP Building and Customs House before we took off back up Pitt St while some thought that as we were so close to the pub it was time to stop (not after a week off it wasn't). Up near Town Hall there was a bit of a discussion at to which way we should go to the Casino run and Bill said we should try the Western Distributor overpass across Darling Harbour as it had been some time since we have gone this way.

We ended up on Harris St at the start of the Casino run where the Cunningham Bros delighted us with a fast run down th
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