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Phil A
Skate Report Wed 30 Jan 2002 The rain stopped and the roads dried out just in time for another City Skate and with a cry of where should we go tonight the maps were pulled out.

We felt a long run was needed and something that would stretch us after a few quiet skates into the new year. So Five Dock was chosen and (one of the few who new the way) another Tingster was handed the mantle as leader. Great skate Phil. It was also great to see the return of Carla & Ryan after their long sojourn in the Northern Hemisphere. What a sticky night to return for a City Skate.

As this skate is renowned as a long skate Phil did not want to waste any time on any playtime diversions so up Macquarie St to Hyde Park and straight to Pyrmont Bridge we went. Up to Harris St and along to John St as if we were finishing along the Casino run but up to the steps/ramp to Anzac Bridge. A few of us thought we wouldn't hold anyone up if we took the downhill around Jones & Bowman Sts and we were right. That's one playtime diversion to us. Anzac Bridge is always a big push as this bridge seems steeper than most. With a regroup at the top and a quick Photo opportunity we had a fast run down where Jane and a few others had a meeting with the pavement. Jane struggled on for a while after this but all those bandages were hindering an otherwise full spirit. Hope you heal quickly Jane.

Some who had come to think of City Skate as a bit of a Virgin Skate all the time now chose the easier option of waiting for our return or finishing on their own as the push had just begun.

From the bottom of Anzac Bridge we went up Victoria Road and over another bridge, Iron Cove Bridge, to Birkenhead Point. This bought us to the top of a nice quiet run around the foreshore of Iron Cove on Henley Marine Drive and at the end of this to the return point of our skate. Along Dobroyd Parade still on the foreshore and then we saw it! Lilyfield Road, a big uphill. With a regroup at the bottom and time for Johnny to upset a couple of Security Guards it was time to put on those skating legs and hotfoot it up this awesome hill. As everyone skated off I could hear my name being called out from the shadows but could not make anyone out then realised that this was where the warehouse that "Robert the Bruised" had told us about and one of the reasons for coming out this way. So through the wire fence I went and entered a world known to few.

There was this big abandoned warehouse that had smooth (but a bit dusty) floors, electricity still connected and it was HUGE. We checked it out for a while and tried to take a photo (that didn't show any of the expanse) then figured it was time to catch up with the rest of the Sydney Bladers. It was this hill that did it for me even though everyone had waited at the top of the hill I struggled for the rest (must be getting a bit slack in my old age !). At the top Robert the Bruised also wimped out and went home (he reckoned he lived nearby) as the rest continued back to Anzac Bridge.

As there are ramps back off the bridge I thought I could catch up by going flat out down the ramps but misjudged the bends and had the choice of leaning further over and sliding out or standing up a bit and running into the railing (going a bit quick) so I tried a combination of the 2 along the railing edge and got so out of shape with the death wobbles I thought my time had come. As I missed the lip at the bottom I had to go back for another try but my weary legs wouldn't give me any lift over the lip so off I slogged to the steps back to John St and the Casino run.

It was a quick run down here but I just had to stop for a drink at the bottom while the more energetic took to the steps for another run. All that was left now was for was the pub run over Pyrmont Bridge (a night of bridges this one was) to the Pontoon bar for a very well earned cooling drink.

Wow, if we needed a skate to stretch us a bit this was certainly the
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