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Phil A
Skate Report Wed 23 Jan 2002 Here I am back from a 2 week break and what happens ? The clouds move in and light showers all around but I was ready for a skate and so it seems were many others that ventured out on this threatening night. There were over 25 out for a skate tonight. It was great to see such a good show up.

After promised rain & thunderstorms for the past 3 days it had to happen soon.

But tonight the rain held off long enought for us to have an abbreviated City Skate.
Keep close to the awnings was the cry because Centrepoint was shrouded by cloud and those of us who have "early warning rain detectors", without helmets, could tell that a little rain was not far off.

With light rain sprinkling we headed off to Hyde Park to try the paths & not the tiles for a quick scoot around. Across William St to the other half of Hyde Park and some more of the same but we had to do some setup shots for the guy with the video. At the top everyone had a go at the steps with Johnny BGM not willing to give up unless he landed a 360 and he did, well probably 350 but good enough Johnny. The rain was coming down a little harder by now and most people wanted to retreat to the cover of awnings but we took off across to Ben's loop up past the Sydney Police Centre.

We were very near the top of Foveaux St by now and a quick run down there was hard to pass up (even with the promise of wet roads) so while waiting outside the Forrester Hotel, for a break in the traffic & the Police van to go, Sean and a couple of others who pushed to the top for a quicker run shot through the lights so fast that the Police missed them completely. The traffic seems to be getting a bit heavier here nowdays so it took a while for evreyone to get to the bottom. It sure seems ages before everyone does regroup after that run.

From here we went to the Central Railway underpass and a few tried (& succeeded) to ride the steps & be videoed. Then is was through the tunnel to play on the steps & ramps at the other end until the security guard moved us on. Across at George St a vote was taken that we should stick to George St now as the rain was getting a little heavier. It was a fun "Human Slalom" down then back up the Street to regroup at the QVB. Johnny BGM decided he would give us all a recital from the other side of the street which we were glad he did but being over there also reminded us of a little back lane called Angel Place.

To keep up some undercover running we then skated through Wynyard which I think impressed all the uninitiated and then across york St to Wynyard Park where after an oval skate around the park some of us tackled the semi-circular stairs. The 4-way down the stairs was a buzz. Though I think Johnny's "full body-slide" down the stairs may have been the winner. And all this was once again captured on Video. Then back to George St and across the road we went to Angel Place. It is always fun watching everyone through the little lane because there is a step at the bottom that no matter how loud you warn catches some people at the end.

The rain seemed to get much harder the closer to Circular Quay we got and an early stop was nearly called but we were only 2 blocks away from the pub so off to the Ship Inn for a cleansing and thirst quenching drink.

For the short skate it was we seemed to cover a bit of ground and with such a humid night (about 100% I think) most of us earned that drink.

It was great to see so many out on such an ordinary night and good to see some new faces. Special mention should go to the guy who skated both up and down hill for 2 all night. Very Impressive.

See you all next week.
Keep Skating.
Phil A

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