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Phil A
Boxing Day Skate Report 26 Dec 2001
Last Skate for 2001. The Last Skate for 2001

It was Boxing Day night when a few skaters broke away from their family commitments to work off a bit of the seasons over indulgence and skate through the City.

As the pall of smoke was growing bigger across all of Sydney you wonder if we should have been skating with gas masks, but we are foolhardy skaters after all.

There were just 11 starters for tonight and 4 of those were picked up as we started off. Shaz was making a return from Melbourne (and wondered where Blue Helmet and Christian were ?) and Jenny from Sweden was with us.

As there was no Bill, David or Phil to lead tonight I tried to lead from the middle once again. I was told that the skate we had last week was pretty good so could we try that route again and I was happy to oblige (with a few Phil interpretations included).

As there were a few who hadn't skated with us before we went straight to Hyde Park where I tried one of David's zig-zag things through the fountain end of the park. From here we went back to Martin Place and tried a few tricks down stairs and paths to the giant tree. When we moved from here we had lost 2 of the newbies so now we were nine.

We went through Angel place and around a couple of back lanes and ended up at Wynyard so we skated through Wynyard on the northern side. When we got to York St we all felt we deserved another run through there as that run seemed too short. So back to the entrance for the southerly run.

Back at York St we went to No 1 for a stair ride on some small learning steps before we took off to the bridge for a run down the ski hill to Hickson St. We had a couple of nice very quick runs down here then skated back along Kent St for the Yellow light run. At the bottom of Sussex St we went along the wooden overpass to King St wharf where there is another great set of stairs with a lift to bring us back at the top.

Bradley had learnt he was trying to ride the steps on the wrong side (watching a coupe of cacky handers probably) but now was very profficient, and fast, on the steps. He said to me "how about we go down the steps together" so we did a tandem run on either side of the steps that really got the crowd excited. We did that a couple of times then skated around to Pyrmont Bridge for a ride across to the other side of Darling Harbour for our usual downhill runs.

Up to Harris St but across it rather than up it and around to the rickety stairs. We then ran hard down the run under Anzac Bridge then up the stairs ready for our finale down the Casino run.

Time had gotten away again and it was nearly midnight by the time we stopped at The Pontoon Bar where Ben got into a chat with one of the leftover revellers (we left him our card and his photo is attached).

After we left Pontoon we stopped for, our now regular, stair ride and were told by many (still awake) revellers "how cool" you are. Bradley then told this girl he would jump over her if she lay down so she obliged and we have the photos to prove it.

After this frivolity we went to the Hilton to finish the night, AND YEAR, on a smooth note.

This was our last skate for the Year 2001 and I hope that all who joined us during the year had fun on our skates. Looking forward to many more fun skates for 2002 and hope you will all join us sometime throughout the year.

See you next Year. Don't forget that the first skate for 2002 will be a Virgin skate on Wed 2 Jan 2002. Hope to see you all.


Keep skating,
Phil A

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