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Phil A
Skate Report Wed 12 Dec 2001 I woke in the morning to the sound of rain on the tin roof and thought “it must be Wednesday”. The rain slowly cleared during the day, although it did look a bit “iffy” late in the afternoon so that must be why we only had just over 20 people ready for a skate tonight (or was it the note, disclaimer, put on the bottom of last weeks skate report – more on that later).

As Bill was away this week I thought I might be able to get there early but after getting ready my boots hurt like crazy so I had a little boot symposium on my own to fix them. That was the first time I have had time to do this since I bought these skates so it was really worth it. That took away all my earlyness so the next thing I knew was David turning up with everyone following telling me to hurry up.

David asked which direction we should take tonight and after a bit of a conf we decided on the run to the Opera House and across to the Rocks. Coming down Macquarie St on the footpath was a bit tricky so everyone spread out all over the place and this is where we got a little mixed up. David called out to everyone to keep to the top path but some who were really going a bit too quick kept going straight to the bottom.

This was not too good an idea as the security were right onto them stopping them from going any further but now also alerted to our presence on the top track. When we got to the bottom of the steps to the Opera House we were met by the usual gruff imposters warning us off “as the Prime Minister is here”. As I got to the bottom of the steps last (I don’t like confrontation) someone said “c’mon lets go” so that was all I needed to scoot around to the Quay.

While regrouping at Circular Quay I was asked who was going to lead as David had left because he didn’t like being hassled by the security, especially on his Birthday!

I must take a bit of time here to just say, when someone is prepared to lead us it is a bit discourteous not to try and listen to them so we can keep skating as a group without having to stand around listening to grumpy lectures from security (or Police or Rangers). I really appreciate David leading us to different places all over Sydney and he really is prepared to listen if you have somewhere you would like to skate. Just speak up before we get there as it is much easier to arrive somewhere as a group.

Sorry David. Happy Birthday.

The lead baton was then passed to me and it was a bit difficult leading from the middle. I felt that as we had come this far I should continue on our proposed path around the Rocks and then to who knows where. We skated around the Quay and stopped to watch the Fireworks over the Opera House (this must have been for the Prime Minister) and then skated around the wooden wharf under the bridge.

As everyone knows I like as much downhill as I can get with little uphill or if we must steps are a bit easier so I thought we could try something a bit different. And it was ! We climbed up the grass slopes under the bridge and that brought us to the newly excavated and opened historic Dawes Point Fort. We had a bit of a play on the big guns then went along the very smooth path to the top of the rocks hill. It was a quick run down George St while I was looking for these cool little doorways through to the back yards of the shops. I think I must have missed them because we ended up down under the Cahill Expressway before I turned everyone back to have another try. I didn’t find these doorways but came upon a pretty grotty sandstone path up to the next street. When we got to the next street I took off down the hill looking for another way up as I was trying to get us to the Harbour Bridge.

I spotted this set of stairs as I was careening down the road and thought these will do. I turned to the steps, jumped the gutter and lifted my foot to take t
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