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Johnny Be Good Meyer
Absolutley fantastic skate night! Ben, Bradley, Helen and Graham. Isabelle and Johnny and all the rest... Florian etc etc etc attended this most magnificent evening of new experiences and joys of skating in the city. What a great skatenight tonight...I am still goose bumpy & am still having to scrape them off the bottom of my car! As the storm carried itself across the great oceans along the Australian Coast with no end in sight Sydney very quickly dried up as there was movement at the station, oopps I mean as there was a patch of clear sky and plenty of wind to dry up the wet and totally saturated streets leaving the odd and occassional pool of water left by the willowing webby watches of rain, and in the Botanical gardens the word had got around that the city skate would be on this particular night inbetween the torrents and lashings of rain that had been scouring our tiled footpaths and tarmac roads that had had their very skins get water under and then truck after car after truck had ridden over those wet patches producing unforgettable potholes! Yes there was a skate on this particular night and it was attended by the most brutally gorgeous human beings ever found before in the park benches of greater Hyde PARK! Well as the thunder clapped above the skyscraper buildings down Macquarie street all were in doubt that a skate would occur this night as the few that came like Bradley were brave but men of little faith as I assurred them that more would show up. Bradley had been waiting since 8.30pm and most of us arrived at 9pm. So although he decided to go home we were able to collide on his way home and encourage him back into the fold. But how did they know there would be a break in this treacherous weather when the signs all around were of thick, bulging, mutating, black and grey clouds spewing out of the very recesses of the earth. Well they did not know but what the heck they were not GODs, just ordinary skaters jumping and a skippin. By Gnosh No they would not miss this skate tonight. So the skate began up Macquarie street and down the side road to the beautiful Sandstone cathedral and then back behind it and along Hyde Park and then turning sharply left into and down Stanley street and then right up a steep ascent into Oxford street, up Oxford and then right into Surry Hills and then down Fovoueau street, under Parramatta rd then down and up George street. We weaved in and out of George street and then straight into some weird building where we went over some stupid little bridge and then down heaps of stairs which some people over 80 were not happy about. But they made their way around it and we ended at the bottom of George st and onto Circular Key. We nearly stopped here for a drink but more kilometres were required from the youngest ones in our group namely Isabelle and Florain. We headed over to the Opera House steps but they simply headed under the steps to the other side in front of the security guards who being blind as bats didnt see us and didnt come out until we had proceeded to go down the full length of steps from top to bottom three times!! Then they got angry at us (But it was mainly because of their own inadequacies) and so we skated right around the Opera House and back to circular key for a beer. Now after everyone had left I snuk in 2 Big Macs and then proceeed to get a tow up toward the street before Macquarie and a motocyclist came up to the red lights. He was on a Harley and was doubling a girl. I immediately recognised him in his open faced helmut as Keanu Reeves Star of the Matrix and currently in Sydney. I called out Keno how are you? You must love Acting and he was cool and said yes. Then I quickly told him to look up etc etc and I was so excited I believe I stuttered and the light turned Green and he said goodbye and radically drove around the corner (probably to get away from me) but I was so pleased with myself for making contact with a another human being that was able to act the way I live!! So I skite
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