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Phil A
10 Year Anniversary BIGGEST City Skate - Ever ! 14 Nov 2001
Sydney Bladers

10 Year Anniversary BIGGEST City Skate - Ever !

How Good was that ?

It was great to see all the people turn up tonight and I hope you all had as great a time as me.

We broke the record tonight for the most people on a City Skate.
I believe that there were 97+ turn up so I guess well call it an even 100 so next time we need at least 101 to break the record.

And now the report.

I got a bit excited when we drove in last night and saw all the people waiting. I was really pleased with the response we got to the leaflets & email thing.

What a great night it was, a wonderful balmy Sydney Night and close to 100 people here ready to lay (brake) rubber on those Sydney streets.
We started with a couple of formalities (important for such a momentous occasion) and then David, with a shout to keep up, took off up the path to the Library and across to the Art Gallery where a brake check was taken. While that was going on those that were sure their brakes worked went for an abbreviated run to Mrs Macquaries Chair and back. One good thing about this run is that on the way back you can deviate from the rough uphill for a great stair ride so a few of us had a go at that as well.

Time for a quick "photo opportuntiy" on the steps of the Art Gallery and then off to Hyde Park. With such a large group tonight wide footpaths were called for to try and stay away from the cars. David took us on a quick loop of Hyde Park and we ended regrouping at St James Station. From here we skated to Pitt St Mall and then down to Circular Quay for another "photo opportuntiy" then it was straight around to the Rocks via the foreshore and wobbly timber boardwalk past the Park Hyatt. We regrouped under the Bridge and then skated to the Sydney Theatre Company wharf. From the wharf we continued along Hickson Road where the more adventurous chose to run up the steps for one of our more fun runs down the ski hill and then straight around to King St Wharf. It was here that our first casualty occurred when a small, dark, hidden, shadowed, wall ran out and crashed Will to the ground. Phil Ting came to the rescue with his ever handy first aid kit so Will was able to bravely continue on.

Those that thought that the Pontoon Bar was close and the skate was ending were in for a surprise as David took off to Pyrmont Bridge for a run up to Harris St. We regrouped at the Pyrmont Bridge Hotel and this is where things get a bit hazy as people ran in all directions for a bit of sustenance while David continued on.

With a regroup at the Pub at the top of the Casino run and some cautions about this run the group took off braking, pushing, pedalling and gliding through Chris's corner around to the Casino. Since being shown the stair shortcut back to the pub for another of these runs I find it very hard just to have one run down here (not 4 Mark !) so a few of us took off for another, and quicker, run.

Straight around from here to pick up the stragglers and lead them across Pyrmont Bridge to our favourite watering hole at Pontoon for a well earned thirst quencher.

What a great night !
I hope everyone who was new to Sydney Bladers City Skate enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to joining in on a more regular basis. I know we welcome any new participants.

If you were able to keep up on this skate you should be able to come on a "Stud Skate" (that's right isn't it Christian ?) which isn't much different but a little faster, a bit steeper and quite a bit further.

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