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Phil A
Non-Report. Sydney's BIGGEST City Skate - Ever ! Postponed. It was sad to see the rain held off just until Wednesday afternoon for our planned

10 Year Anniversary BIGGEST City Skate - Ever !

but never fear it has been postponed until next week, 14 November 2001, so all you rusty skaters out there have more time to practice your braking and organise your mates to come along.

Check the messages page for updates if the weather is looking a bit ordinary. Use menu on side or the link below,

Skating Report ?

As this night had been advertised I thought I should come in just in case anyone turned up so Ben & I ended up grinding around the streets nearly as late as we do on a City Skate. I'll add a couple of photos to the end of this message.

As this anniversary has crept up I have been thinking about the start of the City Skate for me.
Many years ago a couple of mates & myself hired some Rollerblades from a little shop called "Aloha Manly Blades", stuck at the back of a surf shop in Manly. We found that this was a great way to practise some of our skiing skills that we were trying to learn for the white slopes. Not long after our initial venture and purchase of our own skates (will we ever get the value of this major purchase ?) the shop was bought by Bill and his wife Barbie. As things got crowded and busy in this little anteroom Bill moved the business to a new shop on Manly beachfront and the name now became "Manly Blades".

Bill then started to organise different things to do with this new fad known as rollerblading, due to the original skates, but now burgeoning with copies. First he arranged Volunteers as Skate Patrol for the people skating along the beachfront and organised a Hockey competition at Brookvale. Around this time Bill also organised a skate around the Manly environs and this grew into catching the ferry into the City and skating the City streets. Another City Skate started running around this time but they were the early starters and we never managed to get in early, especially as we gave up catching the Ferry because of the angst from the "sailors", so things haven't changed much.
In those early days we were happy if we got more than 10 people come along and often during winter the only people who would turn up were Bill, David Ting, Tim Forster and Myself but as soon as it got a little warmer skaters would turn up in droves (at least 15).

Once when we were being interviewed by a newspaper they asked us what do you call yourselves ? And we had no answer to that as we were always the bunch of skaters who start late. But.... one of our now regulars said "Sydney Bladers and we have a web site!" This was Chris Jones ( who had got together with others and created our, now famous, web site. Chris is now in Germany plying his design skills but keeps in contact now & then. Christian Plaat and Blue Helmet (Tom) then took artistic control of the web site and the site evolved through many guises into the great site we have today. Thanks heaps to Chris, Christian and Tom.

During this time the number of skaters has gradually grown into sometimes very large groups and even during winter never gets down to below 6-10 people. I must say that it has been a real joy meeting and skating with a great group of people. I appreciate all the effort everyone goes through to m
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