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Phil A
Skate Report 31 Oct 2001 10 Year Anniversary Skate is on this Wednesday, November 7
Sydney's BIGGEST City Skate - EVER !
It is a virgin night so lets see if we can get a record crowd. so get your skating friends to come along. If you are reading this and haven't been on a City Skate for some time this is the night to be reunited with your skating mates.

Meeting at the Botanic Gardens Palace Gates in Macquarie St between the Library and the Conservatorium. Meet at 8:30 for 8:45 start. See you there.

Now for the report,

It was a warm Halloween night and people are starting to come out of the woodwork. It was great to see some not so regular regulars making a return and some new faces showing up again.

Now to talk about big returns it was great to see David finally putting work aside to rejoin us on a Wednesday. So like the leader he is away we went on a David adventure. Well done David.

Bill & I were a little late(r) tonight because of Halloween duties so the roll up had really grown by the time we met at the second meeting spot (not). Bill wasn't to sure how far he would travel as he had just had confirmed a broken rib from a motorcycle stack. It was great to see that people were getting into the spirit and dressing up.

So off through one of the nicer cruises of Hyde Park and off following David on one of those ziggy zaggy things. A bit of a rendevous at Oxford St where there was a discussion as to whether we go straight up Oxford St or take the back lanes & in between downhills. Another zig & zag past the Police Headquarters and then we found ourselves near the top of Foveaux St but David wanted to move us further out tonight. By now Bill had decided that uphill pushing and big hard breaths (yes breaths) weren't the thing for his condition so he bailed back to the car with an offer to meet us at the bottom of the hills.

Soon we found ourselves at the top gate of Centennial Park and off we went in the total darkness for a circuit. Wow we were really lucky that there was a moon out tonight because if you think that was black....

Back at the top of Foveaux St it was a bit more lively with traffic so a very staggered run was had down here. Sean & Co even managed 2 runs in before I had even gone once. I still had a fun fast run down there, one of my favourites.

A few picked up a lift along Harris St to the top and then had a nice open run to the Casino and what a fun run down there too especially when just as my speed was running off there was my lift back to the top while Ben & co went via the new stair shortcut (more than once I hear Ben). Time was getting on and a few felt the need for a quick stiff drink and so as the last stragglers were shown across Pyrmont Bridge to the Pontoon I got a call on my phone "I can't drive over there". Oh well there had to more than one disadvantage of driving.

So, quick farewells and a few photos at the pub finished off a great night once again. Great to see you back David and you too Stephanie, Kim& Tom. Thanks everyone for a great skate.

Happy Halloween

Don't forget next week. Bring a friend. Bring anyone who used to skate with us and come ready for a fun night.

See you there
Phil A

Dont forget anyone can add a report or photos by clicking on the link to the left of the page.

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