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Phil A
Skate Report 24 Oct 2001 Summer time in the City.....hmmm, Hit it Johnny !

Well the weather has changed once again and it was a muggy night for a skate around Sydney. Perfect !

There were a few new starters again tonight but still no David (We miss you David. Come back all is forgiven.) so it was off to the Art Gallery for a little brake test and a stair ride for those willing.

From here we went back to Macquarie St through the Domain and across to Martin Place where the skating devils had watered our 3 hop steps so no stopping here tonight. Bill then decided we should do a real City Skate so he took us along the footpath of George St where we all had a go at "human slalom" all the way to Central. We then decided to take a little tour of the backstreets of Redfern up to Broadway. Through the park and up to some nice little back streets of Glebe to take us to glebe Point road.

It all seems as though this would have taken ten minutes or so but many times we had to stop and wait while our little trail of backenders caught up. So don't forget "Keep up People !"

We had to have a little catch up stop and use our compass to see just where we were and lo and behold we were just where we wanted to be but didn't recognise it, Glebe Point Rd. Now for those who haven't tried this stretch of road I must say it is one of the funnest runs around. the people in front decided to take the run all the way until they started to go uphill which I'm sure left some of the tailenders (and me) wondering where everyone went.

From here it was an easy stroll up to the wonky wooden steps where we were accosted by a group of girls whistling and cat calling from their balcony. At the top of the stairs we had another of the many catch-up waits and it seemed that many weren't too sure if this next downhill was really the right thing to do. But it was. Fast and fun down and under the Anzac Bridge.

At the end of this downhill we all (well a few of us anyway) had a go at emulating Sean's great jump off the gutter and after only getting a few inches off the ground made Sean's effort look pretty good. Up yet another set of stairs and much more complaining from the troops (but you have to go uphill if you want to go downhill and steps are much shorter than a skate uphill) and we were at the top of Harris St ready for the final Casino run.

It was here that Ben showed us another of his legendary shortcuts/reruns and we went up a set of stairs through a few back streets back to the start of the Casino run so now we were really ready after already having had a practice run. By now it was really late so straight over Pyrmont Bridge to the Pontoon Bar it was.

After the Pontoon Bar we stopped to take a video of Tim riding the escalators and I was waiting, waiting and waiting until he came down. Just as we started to go back up a Ranger told us we would have to leave as skating wasn't allowed on the escalator. So we took heed and left.

That wasn't the last of the night as Will felt there was still enough time to have a run through Wynyard while Ben & I thought a couple of quick runs through the Hilton was more in order. Back to the cars and a quick grind before we left just before 1:00. A couple of Zombis for work the next day I think.

Just a warning for anyone parking up at St Marys, where Bill parks. Last week Vivienne had her car broken in to and the way they do this is to smash a window and stick a hand in to take what they can get. If you do park here make sure that nothing is left out or looks as if something may be inside because over the years we have seen many cars broken into this way. Sorry about your car Vivienne hope you come back soon.

Dont forget anyone can add a report or photos by clicking on the link to the left of the page.

Don’t forget the 10 year anniversary skate on Wednesday, November 7 for
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