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Phil A
Skate report Wed 17 Oct 2001 The weather is getting warmer and you can tell by the number of people coming along to City Skate. Off your butts and out on the streets you skaters ! There were also a few new faces tonight. Welcome.

Tonight we were blessed with the company of a couple of skaters from Brisbane who were out to see what a Sydney City Skate was like. Hope you enjoyed yourselves girls.

Once again people started to congregate around the "second meeting place" (not!) and soon there was quite a good roll up. There were a few new faces this week as well as the Brisbane girls and that was great to see as we always welcome new skaters (don't forget 7 November).

It seemed to take a while to get a roll on tonight but at last we started off to the Art Gallery. We had a quick brake check at the park next to the Art Gallery then stopped for a "Photo Opportunity" on the steps. From here we went through the Domain to the State Library and then across the road to Phillip St and the Museum of Sydney's Poles. Back up the hill to Macquarie St and down to the path above the Opera House. It was about here that people decided to make their own route and much time was spent waiting for everyone to catch up. At the Opera House it was a toss up whether to stop at the food bazaar or keep going but as the skate was still young nobody had earned a stop so we stayed on our route around the forecourt. I got sidetracked about here and am not too sure where everyone else got to but I had a great time past the shops and got to have a go at riding the escalators (I think I can....). I didn't spot anyone across Circular Quay but down by the Overseas Terminal I was starting to catch up on a few tailenders.

It has been a while since we took the ride over the timber walkway past the Park Hyatt and a good foot massage was very welcome. We had a regroup under the bridge at Pier 1 and then took the steps up to Lower Fort St (had to look that one up). It was just up this St near the Argyle Cut that we took a little skated, and very smooth, Rd to the top of the Ski Hill. We were foiled in our attempt to have two runs down this hill as there was a film crew shooting on our steps back to the top telling us to shhh... We decided to take the bottom road around to Darling Harbour but here is where a lot of people got mislead because some don't bother to listen and take off at the lead along the wrong route. And UPHILL at that ! so we ended up missing Sussex St and skating to Kent St. Dont forget, if you are skating ahead of the group make sure you know where we intend to go before you start skating uphill! A few more got separated at this point and a rendezvous was set up to meet at the top of Chinatown.

Chinatown was a nice ride and Hagan put on a great display with a big "crossbone mute grab thingy" off the wooden seats. We then took off around the edge of Darling Harbour (with a few nice wall jumps in the bargain) to the car park. It was here we spotted a couple of security guards and while waiting for the yells of "you shouldn't be here" we were surprised by the shouts of "give you a race" as they took off in their golf buggy. This was like waving a red rag at a bull so off the skaters went and it wasn't long before this buggy had a few skaters skitching a ride through the carpark. They even managed to hang on through sharp turns and zig zagging through the pillars.

After the car park some went on through the carpark to an early (well not really early just earlier than most) drink stop and others continued to Harris St and the Casino run. It was a fast run unimpeded by traffic but just at the bottom Ben called out to me to come up these steps so, always ready for an explore I went with him. We called out to Phil Ting from the top of the stairs and he joined us. This was the first time I have been up these stairs and I will be sure to do that again. We went through a few Streets with a great view over the harbour
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