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Phil A
Skate Report 10 October 2001 Sorry for the delay in getting this report up.

  Well, suddenly the weather changed from mid spring to near winter but still some new and "not so regular" regular faces made an appearance. Welcome back Kim & Will.

  We were still without David tonight so Bill once again took the helm with a bit of prompting from the peanut gallery.
Off to Mrs Macquaries chair for an oldie but a goodie with a grass ride overlooking the Opera House, from there we went around some well trodden but not often skated paths around the foreshore. Back up to the Art Gallery and down to Wollomolloo and past Harry's to the wave and then the steps up to Kings Cross. There was a small break at the top of the steps to wait for the tail enders (Me) and then up to the Alemein fountain where we stopped for a group photo.

  Along through the main street and over to St Vincents and across Oxford St and over to the bus road beside Moore Park. This was a busy bit of road tonight. When we got to the mid point Will suggested we could skate through Fox Studios and he took us on a route that attracted less attention than we had previously. Was that because of Trish's phone calls or Will's route ?

  After we were roused out of Fox Studios we went around a few back streets to Bourke St and then to Foveaux St where the smell of burning rubber brakes pervaded the atmosphere at the bottom. From Foveaux to Central tunnel and across to George St for a drink break.

Down the back of Chinatown to the ABC and across to the back street parallel to Harris St. After a quick run along this very smooth & near deserted street (although I must admit I was a little concerned by the people jumping out of the bushes at us) we had the fast downhill around under the Anzac Bridge. Sean & co showed us their trick of a bit of air over the gutter coming off the pedestrian ramp of the bridge. Up the not-so-nasty stairs and we were now ready for a fast run down to the Casino. From the Casino it was only a short skate across Pyrmont Bridge to the Pontoon Bar (where I was hassled by the security, for the first time).

Well it was a big skate and by the time we had whet our whistle time was most definitely marching along. All that was left now was a quick skate back to the cars (Ben & I had to stop for a run through the Hilton though) with no time for a grind and another very late night.

I must also say how good it was to see a new face, Tomoko, who kept up with us all night even though she had extreme skates with small wheels. See you next time Tomoko.

See you all next week.
Phil A.

Don’t forget the 10 year anniversary skate on Wednesday, November 7 for
Sydney's Biggest City Skate - EVER !
It is a virgin night and we want to see if we can get a record crowd so get your friends practising their stopping and get them to come along. If you are reading this and haven't been on a City Skate for some time this is the night to be reunited with your skating mates.

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