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Skaterman (not)
Where are they now? Wednesday, October 3. Tragedy appears to have struck at the heart of the Sydney Bladers. Many formerly regular “regulars” have not been seen as regularly as a “regular” should be seen. I fear the most likely explanation is terrorism. For how better to shake the foundations of skaters’ beliefs than to assassinate targeted key individuals with high skater net worth?

The empire is collapsing. Discipline is lax, jokes are being cracked and good times are being had. If this laissez-faire attitude is to continue, the world as we know it could crumble. What’s needed is the return of the missing skate “hard heads”, to take charge & run this ship of fools.

Now, skate day started with the expected announcement of a 0.25% cut in official interest rates by the Reserve Bank of Australia. Skaters with variable interest rate mortgages cheered, whilst those with cash investments booed. The early morning weather forecasts predicted evening showers. However, this was changed later in the day to a forecast for a fine evening. And what a fine evening it was!

After a quick visit to the Domain, the Art Gallery & the Conservatory of Music, we were greeted by a wondrous display of fireworks on Sydney Harbour. The Opera House was illuminated, whilst the Harbour Bridge provided a fitting frame of reference for the pyrotechnics. The Opera House stairs were then “run” by a handful of back-markers. Then it was up & over the “Coat-hanger” and down, around & up the Luna Park loop. A short drink stop, then back over the Bridge to Observatory Hill. Swoop past the Lord Nelson & the Pallisade, to storm down Ski Hill. Back up the Stairs to Kent Street. Run the lights at the corner of Kent & Margaret. Then along the King St wharf to Darling Harbour & a well earned drink. The route may not sound that far, but there was a lot of goofing off & playing around taking place that ate up much valuable energy.

Congratulations ring out to Chris, whose wife recently presented him with their first child. With her bloodline, young Jamie should grow up to become a fine skater.

Don’t forget the 10 year anniversary skate on Wednesday, November 7 for
Sydney's Biggest City Skate - EVER !
It is a virgin night and we want to see if we can get a record crowd so get your friends practising their stopping and get them to come along. If you are reading this and haven't been on a City Skate for some time this is the night to be reunited with your skating mates.


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The email links on this site relate to a now defunct Listbot so we need to rebuild our lost list.

Please be reassured that this list will only be used for Sydney Bladers associated material and not given out to anyone.

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