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Phil A
Skate Report Wed 19 Sept 2001 URGENT we need to resurrect our Email list Please see note at end of report.

At last the weather was kind to us (although some were able to make it last week in extraordinary conditions) but David was missing.

After a small group grew at the second meeting place (NOT) we eventually congregated at the first meeting place where a serious discussion took place as to who was to lead the group as David was missing. Let me just say here, if anyone has a new place they would like to skate or would like to lead for a change please speak up.

We set off in a bit of a straggle to the Conservatorium where we met our first Security of the night. Then it was off to the Museum of Sydney forecourt for a regroup. After a quick stop there we went back up the hill and along the streets to Pitt St Mall and then a quick run through the Hilton before we went through Hyde Park where Johnny (BFGM) put on a great display for his camera of jumping the steps and crashing in as many different ways possible (I have some shots of that too).

From Hyde Park we crossed the square and went down a little laneway to the Police Station, and NO we didn't tell them they could take Johnny (although he did disappear somewhere around this time). We zig-zagged diagonally up to Crown St where we found ourselves at the top of Foveaux St. The run down Foveaux was fraught with danger from passing and turning taxis as usual. At the bottom after we had regrouped we went up to a laneway and across to the Central Tunnel. At the playground in the centre we were foiled by the placement of some new stainless steel spikes on the ramp and step edges, then out of the shadows (you guessed it) another security guard speaking in unknown tongues moved us along.

Another regroup and a quick drink stop were in order at the top of George St then it was off to Harris St and Ben's smoooth parallel back St to the tricky stairs. At the top we had a fast run down to the bottom of Anzac Bridge and when we got to the top there was Shaun puffing after having gone his own different way. Bill talked him into showing us this new way to a dead end and then we had to skate back up the hill to get to the top of the Casino hill.

The cars just seemed to come out of the holes in the road at this time and a few waited until the raod looked fairly clear before taking of for the final steep of the night. Regrouping at the Casino there were a few who wanted to take the quick (and less scenic) way straight to the pub, but why not take in the view while you skate, so around the old Casino we went. Straight into a construction site where I thought I could see a gap between 2 seats but didn't see the gutter so ended up doing a "power faceplant" sidewalk slap.

Across Pyrmont Bridge where a few brave souls rode the escalator and the rest rested and wet their whistles at Pontoon. Time to call it a night, and a good one at that.

Remember to keep the 7th November free for Sydney's Biggest City Skate. It is a virgin night and we want to see if we can get a record crowd so get your friends practising their stopping and get them to come along. If you are reading this and haven't been on a City Skate for some time this is the night to be reunited with your skating mates.


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