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Johnny Be Good Meyer
September 12 In the wake of the New York Attack God bless all those who were killed and injured and their Families. A minutes Silence in prayer from all for them (Serious) Still shocked by the Aftermath of the terrorist attack in New York and Washington Isabelle and myself headed out through a few tears to Macquarie street and the Botanical Gardens Palace Gates. This was to be, unknowingly, the best skate I have ever experienced in my entire life which is quite a few years, Bill, and one which I will retain in my memory for many years to come. In the wake of the most horiffic terrorist attack ever known to the human race apart from the attrocities of Hitler, I was relieved at last to expell my troubled soul after witnessing an all night TV broadcast showing the planes disappearing into the world Trade Towers over and over and over again. My God, those poor souls... Do they really need to show it so much! It was amazing how many people turned up. You could hardly see the Palace gates!! Arriving at 8.35pm and leaving shortly afterwards at 8.55pm we headed up to the Hyde park thoughfare stopping off at Market place for a quick escalator ryde. Ben White was going to have a big night as he was already down the first level and coming back up the escalators on the NorthEast Side of Market place. We nealy took out the St Vincent De Pauls Van and Homeless receiving free coffee and food. Back up to Macquarie street and into Hyde Park. I went down the stairs backwards mistiming my speed and went down at the bottom of the stairs Sliding backwards all the way to the street and onto the street on my wrist guards and Knee pads backwards!! It was really fun! We continued throught the remaining park and onto Oxford street where we met some really nice guys!!. Up throught Newtown then onto Fouvea street then down keeping up with the cars in front (I actually used one to cushion my speed) (What a great experience) (not recommended for kids!) We travelled on through Central Station and onto Broadway. We had a quick show and then onto UTS and the back stretch along the Pathways down to the back of StarCity and onto Darling Harbour. We went along the wharf Before Star CIty and up to the car park and down that super fast ramp. Back onto the old drinking spot where we had to do the escalators 6 times before we went in for a very rewarding brew in fact a James Squire Ale which I highly recommend you try if you haven't already. God bless America but God bless us all! JBGM
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