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Skaterman's arch-nemesis.
Skate report for September 5 The much hyped arrival/return of the Skankman took place. Resplendent in anorak, Skanky swooshed his way through the streets of the City, oblivious to the admiring glances of passers-by and fellow skaters. But enough for the celebrity spotting. This is a skate report not a gossip column.

After drawing straws to see who would lead this merry bunch, the task fell upon the broad shoulders of Damien – Omen II & Phil T. Our trailblazers led us upon the following merry chase: Up Macquarie St; Down the Art Gallery Rd; Down the steps & paths etc. to Woolloomooloo oloo oloo loo loo; Past Harry’s; Up the big set of stairs to Victoria St; Up into Mcleay St; Down the main drag of the Cross; Along Victoria St past St Vinnie’s; Left into Oxford; Up Oxford to “Total Skank”; Down Moore Park Rd to the first Street on the right; Along it and left at the T- intersection; Down that road & turned right about 60 meters before the Olympic hotel; down through the gully in this road; left at the T-intersection/roundabout near Victoria Barracks; down & right into Moore Park Rd again; along to the re-developed section of Moore Park that’s bordered by Anzac Pde & Sth Dowling; right into Cleaveland; watch OmenII fall over on the road at the traffic lights; along & right into Elizabeth; loose cotact with our intrepid leaders who continued on to Chalmers St; regain contact at the entrance to the Devonshire St tunnel; through the tunnel; right into George; along to Town Hall; through the Galleries Victoria; left into Pitt; several loops of the Hilton arcade; along Pitt St mall to Martin Place; right back into George; run Wynyard and round to the York St escalators; left into York; watch me fall over while attempting to climb a tiny step; swoop through the underpass to Kent St; right into Kent; left into Argyle at the Lord Nelson; swing right at the Palisade and sweep down Ski hill; left into Hickson and round under the Harbour Bridge; take the waterfront route via the wharf at the Park Hyatt; and then home run to Circular Quay & a drink upstairs at the Paragon. A very good effort for a newbies night!

Congratulations to those that joined us for the first time. Congratulations to our path-finding duo. Congratulations to all the other skaters (especially Greg, who thought it was a bit too windy a couple of weeks ago) for braving the (delightful) elements.

Isabelle, where are you?

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