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Skaterman's sidekick
Report for Aug 22. The planets re-aligned and the eclipse ended.
Partial order had been restored – Phil T was back at the back! However, seismic activity is still causing concern and a Tsunami could be imminent unless Dave returns to the head of the pack. Luckily we had Bill to rely upon, in this time of great uncertainty. Bill calmly led us through the treacherous streets of the city and called on Damien – Omen II to track some back alleys in a little musical we played off-Broadway. Eventually we ran Pyrmont Bridge Rd & Harris Street before all the sleepy heads called it a night around 10.30pm.

And then there were 6. And just like the commercial on TV, all I have to say is “Zoom, zoom,…,zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, …,zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom.” Those that were there will always remember. While those that weren’t will always wonder.

The alternative skate report involved the highs & the lows, the ecstasy and the agony, the soaring of the human spirit and its subsequent crushing. And all this before the skate even started. Phil A, I salute you. You skated on like a true skate-warrior in a time of overwhelming mental anguish. May your bearings never seize, nor your breaking zone run-out!
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