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Skaterman's sidekick.
Report for Wednesday, August 15. “The first shall be last and the last shall be first”. Well, we now know that at least half of this quote can be correct. How confusing is it, when the bloke at the back becomes the bloke at the front? Or, were we skating in “rewind” mode, after having skated backwards in “play”? And, why would we suddenly trust a bloke who, for 51 Wednesdays of the year, merely shrugs his shoulders and says “ I don’t know” to the 510 times per year that he gets asked “Phil, where are we gong tonight?” The last answer is simple – Skaterman said “Phil knows what he is doing”.

And so it was, that as the Skaterman symbol shone high in the sky, all the little skateheads gathered together on this particularly balmy winter’s night. Crime was thwarted (ie skateheads were skating instead of committing crime – although some experts believe that the way Skaterman skates is a crime). Jokes were shared. Ribs were ribbed. Wheels were rolled. And everybody had a good time and lived happily ever after (except for Skaterman of course, who lived a miserable life because he didn’t go skiing).
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The web designer of this site (me) is not responsible if you do something stupid because of this web site, if you do I will plead insanity, I have many people on the city skate that will hold proof to this in court if need be. You read this information at your own risk, if you do something stupid then you are an idiot and don't come crying to me about it. If you take this disclaimer too seriously or think its stupid then you have no scene of humor and are probably a very boring person.


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