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Phil A
Skate Report 1 August 2001 Ahh, VIRGIN NIGHT !

After a few weeks off with the dreaded lurgy and shocking skating weather it was nice to get back for a skate.

Late again. So everyone met us at Bill's "second meeting place". David was away due to his workload (and weary from his weekend of rockhopping) so Bill took the mantle of leader and it was off for a run to the Art Gallery. It was then decided a run to Woolloomooloo and up to Kings Cross was in order so down a couple of nice sets of stairs, past Harry's and along the wave to Garden Island we went.

Did I mention that the amazing Skaterman tried one of the oldest stopping tricks in the book at the top of the stairs ? He thought it would be good to try and stop with his backside. It worked but he said he needed at least another 5 tries to perfect it. I didn't keep count but I'm sure I saw at least one more try. How did you go Skaterman ?

After a quick regroup at the Garden Island gates we retraced our steps (something done often tonight) back along the wave where more people tried the uphill/downhill slalom. Up the steps to Victoria Street at the back of the Cross and then up to the Alemein Fountain. We had a small break here and regrouped ready for the run down the main street of Kings Cross. This is where we got confused and seperated. I thought it would be good to try a different track and this meant downhill beside William St and a little left-right combination to zig-zag us towards Central. As luck would have it this zig-zag was full of all sorts of pitfalls, gutters, drains, median strips and cars. Everyone made it and we had another of those regroup stops (these seem to be prolific, but it was a Virgin skate).

This is where the route got a bit sketchy. Bill asked what we were doing standing around and I told him I was waiting for him to lead. He said that it was my idea to come this way so off I took expecting the snaking line to follow. After a couple of "across, up a bit, around, down and backtrack from the deadend" (how's that Skaterman) I realised I was on my own. As I was just about on Crown St and very near Foveaux St I thought we could regroup at the bottom so I continued on my merry way, until the phone call.
Where are you ? Was the call and so the group split into Foveaux or not Foveaux.

At the bottom we went to the Central Tunnel where riding the set of stairs was silently curtailed by a couple having a "deep and meaningful" (or was that a drink ?) on the first landing. At the playground in the middle of the tunnel a lonely security guard moved us on by speaking gruffly into his walkie talkie so off to Chinatown we went. After a little more zigging and zagging around Chinatown we ended up on Ben's sneaky laneway. After a few confusing false alarms over which lane to take we descended to the old tricky stairway that tested everyones ability to walk up steps.

From here we did the loop to the bottom of Anzac Bridge with another stair climb ready for the fast sprint to the Casino. From the Casino we finished on the Pyrmont Bridge where Tim and Johnny treated the passers by (and escalator users) to an exhibition of escalator riding.
As Bill and I were worn out from a full weekend of great snow (not excellent just great) we decided to pull the pin while most of the, by now, thirsty skaters finished with a cleansing ale at Pontoon.

Good Luck to all those skaters going to the snow this week and weekend as the snow is still falling (finally) I'm sure you will all have a good time.

Till next time. See ya !
Phil A
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