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City Skate 27 June If you weren't feeling tip-top you did the right thing by missing last night's skate. I wasn't feeling too good myself yesterday and by half-way through the skate I thought I was going to die. Luckily/unluckily Anthony (aka "Skaterman")was having delusions and thought he was a Navy Seal. He told me it was policy not to abandon a fallen comrade. As grateful as I was to him for encouraging me to keep going (well behind the pack) I wish he'd just buggered-off & let me catch a cab.

The route was: over Anzac Bridge; out Victoria Rd to Birkenhead; under Iron Cove Bridge & along Henley Marine Drive to Lillyfield Rd; up that bloody big hill on Lillyfield Rd & down the nice run to Victoria Rd; up over Anzac Bridge (which seemed to have grown taller); & down the hill at the end of Harris St. A bloody long skate with a few nasty uphill climbs along the way. My limited grasp of physics tells me that man was not meant to roll up-hill on skates. I'd like to think I enjoyed the skate, but I think I enjoyed collapsing into a chair at the pub a lot more. I'm sure there were a lot of highlights but I was too distressed to smile at anything.

At the opposite end of the spectrum was the always smiling Isabelle. This was her last skate before her departure from our fair shores. I'm sure everyone who has skated with Isabelle has thorouhly enjoyed her company (some more than others hey Johny) and wishes Isabelle all the best on her return to family & friends in France. Bon voyage.

For info on farewell to Isabelle please see skate messages (as below)

Farewell party for Isobelle, she returns to France next Wednesday. The party is Tuesday 3 July for details email Graham.

Helen Montfort

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