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Skate report from Hong Kong....NOT! Here we go. And you think I've been idle. Found out there's not a lot of blading in HK, but I ain't finished exploring yet.

Went for a couple of skates around this area, Taikoo Shing. Johnny would love this, dodging cars, taxis and people. And this is at 9pm! There isn't a lot of sidewalk, the roads are small. Most of the places have "no skating" signs! For what, as you can't find a f... skater anywhere around you.

The next one was a bit further (and later) and it was great. Most people are just startled at seeing you zoom past. There are some small (concrete) parks linked by busy streets but enough to get about 90 mins in. That felt gooood. Great exercise that, in 30 degree heat, and 95% humidity. Can just see Philip waste away to the size of David. And David, well,...

Did some checking on possible terrain in the other areas while I went for work. The Central business area have a lot of sidewalk and some good slope. Maybe on night, it should be clear of people too. Should be a cool place for Wed nite skate, you'll be amazed at all the buildings. A lot of time there is low clouds and they just seem stuck on top of the buildings.

There are 4 main islands here, HK, Kowloon, New Territories and Lantau. Lantau seems the best bet, as there is a large "settlement" of gweilos (what did you say, White Man?). It also seems to have more room around you. But it takes 1 hour to get there so I haven't tried it yet (been very busy). Also seems to have some hockey in Kowloon, about another hour by MTR (underground train). Lantau is by ferry, about 30 mins, doesn't sound like a bad trip.

So, who's coming to visit. By the time you guys actually got organized, if you start planning NOW, I'd have enough time to start up a city skate here. Just hope that the Honkers don't skate as they drive, or walk - think Chatswood times 100. During the day, there is a constant stream of people, so dodging is the name of the game. Either that or you do the same thing, walk straight into other people. All the shops and restaurants open until midnite, so you can skate, eat, drink, shop and terrorise people at the same time. What more do you want?

Well let me know all the goss. The skate report is not enough.


Huy Nguyen

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