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Phil A
Skate Report Wed 13 June It was a nice warm Sydney winters day on Wednesday but by evening the wind had picked up and the temperature dropped. That is how we started this wednesday's skate with a smaller crew than normal.

David was unable to make it due to his work load so Bill took the helm for tonights skate. As the wind was quite strong by now the decision was made to stick to the CBD (sort of). We set off up to Cooks Park and had to entice everyone to keep up as it seemed as if they all wanted to linger. After some quick zig-zag laps around Hyde Park a request was heard for Foveaux St so we took off on a little explore through some new back lanes that took us to the top of Foveaux without having to go up Oxford St. We took off for a quick run down and everyone started calling out "CAR" just as a Paddy Wagon came up on us. Not wanting to skate down into an hour of lecturing many waited while the wagon did a couple of laps of the block. Down at the bottom we took off to the Central Tunnel and had a play on the steps and rails there. From here we went down quay St, beside the old Her Majesty's Theatre and up to Harris St near the ABC. Ben suggested we should go on the Harris Parallel of Jones St so off we went. This turned out to be a good decision as the road was sooo smoooth and we even went up some crazy set of steps at the end, how nice.

Near the start point for the Casino run we decided to take the other downhill heading west and under the bridge as it was still early. Back up the stairs to our start point and then it was time for a fast run to the Casino. As I wanted to try something different this time we headed off to the Tram Station and took the steps up to the Pyrmont Bridge Hotel then it was a quick trip over the bridge to the pub.

Bill decided to pull the pin at this point so back to the car for an early night. We missed you David come back soon.

I must make mention here (as Skaterman left it out) about our illustrious skater (crasher) Dick who last week had a big spill on the escalator and left huge scratches over his back (how do you explain that mate ?). We all hope you are well and not too sore.

If anyone is interested in getting together for some Skate to Ski Slalom Sessions please email Bill at- This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

At the moment we are thinking of Monday nights at Long Reef. We usually set up a dual slalom course and run the gates together and later (or earlier) open the gates into one long giant slalom course. Bill has bought some new poles so the course will be much longer. It wont be run unless we can get around 15 people to attend and there will be a minimal charge of $5:00 to cover the costs of maintaining the poles, bases and sand bags etc.

Thats it for another week. I urge you to think about the skate to ski (I find it improved my skiing immensely and it was great fast fun). Look forward to seeing you all next week.
Phil A

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