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Phil A
Skate report 16 May 2001 C'mon we're going for a big one !

Those were the words that hit us early in the night as David took control of this skate as he had to make up for missing last weeks skate.

With the words "big one" ringing in our ears it was a hard push up Oxford St to our first regroup at Bourke St and then it was straight to the Airport. Skating past Foveaux St with tears in my eyes as the call for a quick trip to the bottom where we could still proceed to the Airport with no more uphill was quietly ignored (that's once !). With little stops or diversions it seemed a very long flat run to the place of big Rolls Royce engines and heavy security (or so we thought). A stop at Green Square was shortened by the arrival of a security guard unwilling to get out of his car so it was back out on the road to fight with the cars.

After a quick regroup on the roundabout into the Airport we then took a route not tried by the Sydney Bladers before and skated into the ramp to the terminals. At the top we stopped for a quick, and great, display of stair riding while on the lookout for the (now non existent) security. We felt that as the only way out of here was down the exit ramp we must get bailed up soon but out of the Airport we skated much wiser and happier.

Now did I mention straight out and straight back ? Well, back to the City it was with another short stop at Green Square where a few tried to practice their slalom turns through the poles (and these ones didn't move when shouldered). A few stragglers got separated at the turn off to Crown Street and we couldn't make out any skaters on Crown so "tail end Philly" rang Tingbot to find out where the others were. David told him they were waiting for us at Elizabeth St so off we went up the little hill to meet them. On the way up I kept thinking to myself that this is going to bypass the best downhill in Sydney with very little uphill to get there (that's twice !). while skating up Cleveland St to meet the rest of the group I saw Chris skating the other way to Crown St, just where I had come from, so I decided that he had the right idea and it wouldn't be hard to catch up at the same spot with a great fast downhill in the bargain. As I turned around who should come screaming by but none other than Johnny "The Mouth" Myer. I had one of the best uninterrupted runs down Foveaux St and met with the others at the bottom who were resting anyway after their long flat skate.

This is about where my memory gets a little hazy and all I can remember from here was someone calling it a night and heading off to Timezone to see what new arcade games they had. After a couple of dozen Go-Cart races Bill & I headed back to his van and dragged the Grind Poles out and spent another hour trying to grind. If you have never tried grinding on Soap Shoes it is great fun and after you get your balance it is even easy with Skates.

That's all I have to say about our skate. Sorry it wasn't done any earlier or anywhere as irreverent as Blue Helmet's reports. I would be only to happy to put up any report (or similar) if anyone would like to submit it from the site.

Thanks for the good skate David.

See ya all next week. Lets see if we can get some of the Skaters who have let their Wednesday night skate lapse to come back.


Phil A
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