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Phil A
City Skate for 9 May 2001 Well it felt as if it had been raining for weeks and no one was really prepared for a dry night - least of all David, who came all prepared for a skate with only 1 left foot boot !

15 or so die hards turned up and we decided we would try and get as much new downhill in as possible.

First it was down to Bent St but without a certified leader the pack was quickly split (I think they were waiting for me but I had already taken the fast way straight to the bottom). After skating back up the hill to rejoin the team we then took a very circuitous route via as many back lanes as we could down to Circular Quay and back up George St to Ben's new entrance to Wynyard Station, shame they locked the doors eh, Ben !

After a few more back lanes (now we know where TANK Nightclub is, or I think I do) it was back to our normal entrance into Wynyard but they had turned the escalators off and we had to drag our poor weary limbs all the way to the top step by step. We interupted some outdoor living in Wynyard Park where a couple were watching their TV (I think that's what they were doing) by the street light. Then it was through Pitt St Mall, the Hilton a couple of times and up to Hyde Park and that now makes it a couple of weeks where we haven't been hassled by "Law Enforcement Officers" (and I use that term loosley). From the top of Hyde Park a couple of splinter groups developed and took off down the lanes to Goulburn St where we gathered and went straight to the bobsled run at the RTA buildings. After the bobsled run we had to turn down offers to skate UP Foveaux St just for a ride down, so we took off to Central Tunnel to wait for the VERY late Johhny "god I've got a big mouth" Myer. It turned out to be a very enjoyable wait as the area in the middle of the tunnel had a great mix of stairs and ramps for all to try their hand (or skates). At this stage the time was getting on and a few suggested that it was time to stop for a drink but we still had the fastest runs saved for last so they peeled off for their own adventure looking at the bottom of a glass. Those who were left were now under the direction of Ben who knew of a run parallel to Harris St, so it was down the back of Chinatown to Ben's new link run.

When we got to our normal starting point for the Casino run it was suggested we go the alternate way off to the left and after coming back up the stairs we would still be able to schuss the Casino run. It was a great fast run down to the bottom of Anzac Bridge but once again, and especially at this time of the night, a hard slog up the hill and then up the stairs. Once at the top it didn't take long to hanker for a really fast push down the Casino Run so off we went. We took the scenic route around the foreshore then up to Pyrmont Bridge. Once over the bridge we pushed up the hill heading for the Ski Hill and a cleansing drink at the Quay but some spoil sport had to go and look at their watch and announce that it was midnight so all the little mice ran off leaving Cinderella wondering what had happened to the night so that is why I had to write this down.

Well David we missed you, we certainly still had a great skate and took in some new sights (or was that sites), we skated a long way and seemed to have skated very little uphill for all the downhill we got. What a good skate. Thanks to all who participated and for those that didn't you will have to stop being so squeamish if it looks like rain.

Now if you are reading this and thinking it is a while since you went on a City Skate dont you think it is time you dusted off those worn old wheels and came to rejoin your old friends ?

Thats it for this week, see you next Wednesday. Skate Hard !

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