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Clare and Kath
Skate report for Wednesday 17th January True story… Hard core skaters Clare and Kath lead the skate when the usual gang felt the weather too inclement to make it. We found ourselves with a small group, some faces we hadn’t seen in ages and others who were first timers. Briefly we wondered what we should do, visions of Dave introducing the rules, Phil leading... Should we go to Foveaux St hill to test skills?

We found ourselves skating across the harbour bridge (the only route we could remember?). Losing most of the group in stages. Some left early because of early morning starts...??? Not taking ANYTHING personal there guys. Others... well we found you eventually, sorry Ben, Peter…

A variation on the usual visit to the pub, we got take away and celebrated our vision on the Bridge! Small gripe: ironic that we should get barred from pubs while drunks who cant walk straight in shoes let alone on wheels are let in!

Anyway, the heavens eventually opened (Johnny you should have been there!)and we walked back barefoot in the rain to our cars.

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