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Amy Bear
Great skate. I think Dave was trying to kill us though. Loooovvvvveeee the "Sex on Wheels" stickers. Thanks Gen. All in all I had a fab time......... What do you mean we start at 8:30. Who said that? Anyway we finally left at around 9:30 or so. I had to speed of in front. Nature calls...

Did a few circles around The big fountain in Hide Park then shot down Market st. Some of us had to wait "cause we lost Ryan. He was waiting for little old me. Only I was up front. SORRY BABE.

Flu across Darling Harbour. Then made our way to The Anzac Bridge. (What r u trying to do to us Dave). Took a right up the dredded Victoria rd. Everyone was thankfull when we finally hit the BP. Thank god.

The nice smooth run on the other side of the Iron Cove Bridge was great. That went on for a while. We saw some fishamen there. Then came this hill out of no where. It just kept going. The rest is a blur...

We got bake to the Anzac Bridge somehow. Then made our way down the ski hill to Star City.

You know what comes next... You said it. DRINK TIME.......YEAH!!!!!! Great skate everyone. Thanks again Gen. We love Sex on Wheels. Hey we are SEX ON WHEELS
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