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Chicken Little
Skate Report Wed 23/11/05 Wow! What a night. Iím still pinching myself. Itís incredible, who could have imagined that both Halle Berry & Keanu Reeves were keen skaters, let alone that they would turn up to our very own CitySkate!

They are both in town, on a flying visit, scoping a new film project. It turns out that Keanu remembered seeing a lunatic group of skaters flying through the City streets when he was in town working on the Matrix trilogy. He also remembered talking to Johnny one night Ė Keanu was on a motorbike waiting for a set of lights to change when Johnny (on his way to CitySkate) accosted him & told him all about us.

But enough about them. It was a small group & we wanted to stay close to the City as the sky was a little grey. But somehow we ended up traveling through Kings Cross & Paddington then down to Moore Park & along the Bus Lane & back into Fox Studios & through Centennial Park & up Alison Rd & across to the High St downhill run. Then we came back to the City via a myriad of back streets.

Seanís GPS told us we had traveled about 18km Ė all at a pretty good click! I guess we were trying to impress our guests.

A fantastic night with only one regret. Phil A wasnít able to make it & nobody else had a camera. But we did get our skates autographed.

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