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Phil A
Biggest City Skate EVER !
Wed 2 Nov 2005
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Biggest City Skate EVER !
Wed 2 Nov 2005

WOW! What a great night! Thanks to everyone who came along we hope you all enjoyed yourselves so much that you canít wait to get back out there (so donít forget Virgin Skate on Wed 7 Dec 2005). There were a lot of not so regular regulars who we could name that didnít make it sorry you guys missed a great skate. Hope to see you out again soon.

Well, we didnít break any record but with a group of around 122 skaters it sure made it an enjoyable skate. It was great to see so many new & recently semi retired skaters out for a skate. Donít make yourselves so scarce and come along & join your fellow skaters at least a couple of times a year.

David once again took the helm and led us through some nice quiet paths & streets where we were all able to skate in a big social group. We were able to cover a bit of ground and got to skate the ski hill which for any first timers must have been a bit daunting.

Friday Night Sydney Skate on 2 Dec 2005 we are having a Xmas Dress up and are going to try to get another big group together for a similar skate around the City. Bring your friends, dress up Christmassy and lets have some fun. Manly Blades is offering a prize for the best dressed. So bring your friends out again for a fun big group skate.

Lets see if we can get another big group for a fun roll.

Hope to see you all out there dressed up for the Xmas Skate.

Keep skating
Phil A

Don't forget Friday Night Sydney Skate for an easy City Skate experience.

Friday Night Sydney Skate

Don't forget Friday Nights "Friday Night Sydney Skate" it is held every Friday Night.
Meet at Circular Quay near the Manly Ferry exit. Meet at 8:00pm and skate until 10:00pm.

This skate is a social skate and entry level to the usual Sydney Bladers Virgin Skate so if you are unsure how well you can skate, or stop, this will be the skate to go & practice before you venture out on a Sydney Bladers City Skate.

For further information please email Bill at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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