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Skate report for 29/11/00 Inbetween the Rain! As the last storm carried itself across the great oceans along the Australian Coast Sydney slowly dried up and there was movement at the station, oopps I mean Botanical gardens, cause the word had got around that the city skate would be on this particular night inbetween the torrents and lashings of rain that had been scouring our concrete footpaths and green grass lawns to the delight of many a housewife who would have to otherwise hand water their gardens....

Yes there was a skate on this particular night and it was attended by the most brutally handsome and gorgeous human beings ever... and I mean ever! Well as the thunder clapped above the skyscraper buildings down Macquarie street no one ever doubted that a skate would occur this night as the few that came including Phil Cathrine and Clare would not give in to the haunting rain bullits that would decimate the grip of any rubber wheels bearing themselves to the tarmac of Sydneys road and alley ways. But how did they know there would be a break in this treacherous weather when the signs all around were of thick, bulging, mutating, black and grey clouds spewing out of the very mouth of God! Well they did not know but what the heck they were not gonna drive home after walking, skating, hopping and a jumping and a driving to the city of the XXIII Olympiad!!!!! By Gnosh No!

So the skate began and we made our way to the Sydney harbour bridge on dry soil( well there was a bit of tarmac ladden on that soil) and once at the bridge gathered our courage once more as thunder cracked and lightning flashed to light up our path to ...Yes wait for it..... Neutral Zone Bay. A place laden with back roads and paths that not even I had ventured to venture down... and why might you ask... well thats because if you have ever skated down a grater or washboard well they are smooth compared to this! It was a tarmac road but they had forgotten to roll it.

I think we skated down to Andersons Park but our feet were so numb you couldnt feel them so you were not sure whether you were still on them!!. What do you say Phil? Phil...Phil are you still there... Phil. Arh Phil you should not blame yourself you old fool.... Dont go changin... to try and please me.. Well we finally made it back to North Sydney with only one person missing (Sorry Dave) and headed down to the Kiribili pub escorted by am very vivascious girl whom proceeded to get her photo taken with Robo Phil. After a few brews we headed back over the bridge to the safety of the city and our cars if they had not been broken into and then it happened... not straight away but just a few drops to start with and then a torrent. The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plains but the rain in sydney falls bloody everywhere!! Our strength lay simply in our belief that we could fit a city skate in where no man had dared to go before.. That means next time its raining during the day do not give up hope but strive for the greater things..... Farewell and goodnight a skate into the rain would hold off until we were all safely off our wheels.
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