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Threatening thunder and storms brought out only the true beleivers to the skate on Wednesday-which I think I can safely say, was totally enjoyed by all,despite a few falls and lost sheep..! Well, Wednesday was great, Despite concerns about being electrocuted-a faithful few arrived on the night, all psyched from the negative (I think) ions in the air. We headed off accross the bridge towards North Sydney, with Phil as our leader for a change -although he did his usual job collecting all the stragglers and making sure no-one (ok I admit it, Me!)killed themselves down some of North Sydneys steeper slopes. Unfortunately, we lost Greg somewhere at the bottom of one of them-and despite our (OK...Phil's!) best efforts to find him, failed -so Greg- if you ever speak to any of us deserters again-we did try! It was I have to say-in my considerable 3 months of experience(!)one of the best skates I've been on. Of course, it was nice to see a total of two girls turn up, including me, so I didn't feel completely dissillusioned with my gender when we were given a lovely display of drunk femaleness in North Sydney station-which just Wouldn't go away?!! Check out the photos...

While nearly being killed while posing for our photo-shoot on the edge of one of North Sydney's more stupidly designed round abouts-the kind that is levelled conveniently with the road-just so those irritating skaters can be swiped by strange blue utes-we still made it to a pub in the area-which I might say was warned to be "Our Pub" by our sloshed friend and her minder.

Anyway, we all recovered over a few drinks and I'd say-had a fantastic night-so once again, thanks Phil for leading-we had a great skate and heaps of laughs...That's it for this week- Clare.
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