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Phil A
Skate Report
Chatswood Skate Wed 13 Oct 2004 Skate Report
Chatswood Skate Wed 13 Oct 2004

I canít let this report go up without comment.

We all met on time at the meeting place and skated down to Wynyard via Bent St (our first Bent St for the night) where we waited for the train which was not running to any real timetable. When the latecomers had to jump off the wrong train the Security were right on to us just as our train pulled into the station. We all jumped on ready for an uneventful ride to Chatswood but those who were seated at the front of the carriage met with the Railway Police who made everyone take their skates off. At Chatswood Helen & I were unaware of the trouble and were able to skate to the exit.

We were followed by the Station Security who waited until we moved away from the Station. As if we were going to stay there!

After a quick Photo stop we headed down to the car park, now made famous at the last Chatswood Skate by Phil but as he wasnít here tonight we wandered around like lost sheep. At last we made our way to the top and had a quick run over the road via the ramp and then down to the ground where we made our way up to Mowbray Rd and the corner of Elizabeth St.

It was here we ran into a rebellion where some wanted to take the group via our old route and those who had called for a Chatswood Skate stated they had always expected this skate was to go via the new route through Northbridge. So very disappointedly this skate split into 2.

As I went via our now official Chatswood Skate Route the following relates to the skate via Northbridge.

As the renegade group turned under the rail bridge to skate up to Artarmon Station those who were left continued along Elizabeth St for a long steep run until the road levelled off and we turned for a quick steep run up Harden Rd to Artarmon Rd where we faced another long downhill run. Up and around to another hill and then it was across to Northbridge for the great run down across the Suspension Bridge. Skating across to Northbridge Westy was skating along backwards talking to us when suddenly he toppled over taking a whole pile of skin from his back.

At the bottom of the bridge Westy decided to call it a night and left us as some started to clinb up the rocky stairs when Sean said he thought we could get around The Boulevade rather than walk up the steps. This was an excellent suggestion as we had another great downhill run where we came upon another set of stairs up to Cammeray. This was an even better way than the steps at the bridge as it bought us out at the top of the hill at Cammeray without any more uphill skating.

We then skated along Miller St and took the dark shortcut to Ernest St where we were able to skate through the park to Falcon St. It was only a short skate from here to Neutral Bay where Sean had another great run in mind.

Did I say Great ? Because I meant GREAT! Rather than skate down Ben Boyd Rd Sean suggested we try Bent St at Neutral Bay. We had often looked at this route but had been told it was too rough but tonight Sean told us it would be good to skate and let us know of the few obstacles on the way down. This is a one way St going in our direction so it was easier than dodging the traffic in Ben Boyd Rd.

WOW! What a great run we hit speeds down here that really tested us and at the bottom everyone stood around saying what a great run it was when Sean pointed to a parked car and said ďthatís my vanĒ. The 3 nicest words you can hear after a fantastic downhill that left you panting for more. I offered to drive everyone as the last time this happened Sean only got the first run & had to ferry everyone else. After I let everyone out at the top I waited until they were all moving and followed the quick procession down the hill.

Then I got the first fright of the night as I watched Will tumble & roll in front of the van. He quickly picked himself up and con
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