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Jungle Jane - She's not really insane!!!!
WEDS NOV 1ST and WEDS NOV 8th Last year in April I visited DC for the first time and wasm recommended to bring my blades. I did, and this was the first time i met the crew from WAR. No, WAR is not a declaration - it is the Washington Area Rollerskaters!! Being here for a 2 week training mission this year with work I again decided to bring my blades. I also had brand spanking new wheels - they're great - Cheers Manly blades.

Halloween we started off at 7pm at the White House - the usual meeting spot for the WAR, a few of the locals in full outfits, witches hats etc. They take Halloween to new levels in the states. The major area for the goules in DC is Georgetown so after a route round the burbs that's where we headed. The police always try to stop them as the roads are cordened off from pedestrian jaywalkers. We ended up getting speed down Pennsylvania Ave dodging the traffic and taking off fromt eh lights. Unfortunately 3 of our group went head over heals in front of a huge crowd and got cheers that lifted already high spirits. So high in fact that we even made the channel 4 news the next night. Not bad!!! Skating was followed by beer and pizza and numerous questions bout the Olympics at the Froggy Bottom Pub.

The following night was not quite so rowdy and involved a 2 hour skate through the city and around and about. COurse I really couldn't give you a route as I just followed, not orienteered!! Too tired for beer and drinks tonight and went home to watch the new program The Street (for Sex & the City fans - it's the new male counterpart series - not too bad either).

The following week was excellent fun. A weeks break gives everyone more enthusiasm. It was good to catch up again and see some familiar faces. We skated around the monuments - Lincoln, Jefferson, Capitol and ended up again around the NW area some where. It was a full on 2 hour skate and great fun. We ended up having beers again at a place on 18th & U st called the Common Share. We then skated back to the White House, where I sat and chatted with a couple of the guys and swapped e-mails addresses. Hopefully you'll be seeing a couple of them in Sydney, you never know.

As for me, with new wheels, summer in the air and a new level of enthusiasm, you'll be seeing me ASAP.

Till then... take care y'all and god bless Australia :-)

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