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Johnny Be Good Meyer
Virgin skate Records for the 1/11/00. All those whom participated would like to thank Richard for the complimentary flights into Sydney! Dear universal skaters, hi. This is my first skate report and therefore I apologise to all my sponsers but at the same time would like to thank them too... Richard, Bill, Clint, Christion, Krustiov!!! Well what a wonderful night it was for all those beginner skaters.

Not so for experienced skaters such as myself whom have skated heaps like 1,080,297 seconds in their life time. I think that sounds pretty DAMMNED impressive and therefore gives me the right to add a rort. ..,. oopps I meant report!! Anyway to quickly finish up it was a terrible night for me and I think that someone has to pay. I mean it may have been one of the most incredible nights of my life if I could have been there!!!

The greatest thing that I missed was the special viewing of Isabel, my bells' miraculous healing after she scraped very precious and tender flesh from her upper right..well you know , in last weeks scrape,/., oopps I meant skate. I truly hope you are feeling better as well Isabel. SO that wraps it up, and just one more thing; I think everyone should start saving for this new inaugural Xmas dinner come party so that for those of us whom are gonna have to scape up the little cash that they have but wont have enough can still attend but only have an entre`. All my lovin I will send to you all my lovin Darlin I'll be true..... al my lovin.... allllllll myyyy lovin ooooooooooooooeh, all my livin I will send to youuuu. Johnny Be very Good Meyer.... be very very Good.. Ps Christion how much did you say I would have to pay you (to get this published) again? JM

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