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Phil A
Skate Report Wed 21 Apr 2004 EMAIL
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Skate Report Wed 21 Apr 2004

Tonight was Chantelle’s last night with Sydney Bladers for this year and we wanted to show her some of the sights of Sydney and wow didn’t we!

We started with Hyde Park and up Oxford St for a run down Foveaux St. After regrouping at the bottom we headed through Central tunnel, where they still haven’t fixed the escalator, and through to Darling Harbour car park where our runs were interrupted by the men on the golf carts.

By squeezing in another run I and a few others missed the group going up behind Darling Harbour while we went around the front. Meeting at Pyrmont Bridge we all took off to Harris St where we had a quick run down the Casino Hill. At the bottom everyone took off around the new waterfront development but I just had to have another run down the hill.

Bill, Ben & I had about 3 more runs before we joined everyone at the pub (It’s a shame the Cargo Bar no longer give us the warm welcome we had become used to).

On our way back to the car someone asked if we were going to skate Wynyard and that changed the whole night.

We did skate Wynyard and the Ben said we should try this new building up near the Rocks so we skated up there and had about 3 runs down this car park before we got it right so then we had a couple more.

We then felt a need to take Chantelle across the Quay for a bit of culture and skated the Opera House car park where it got very spooky as the lights were turned out about 2 thirds of the way down. We were lucky they left a few lights on because I think it would have been verry werry dark!

When we got out of the lift in the Foyer all the lights were out and as we walked up to the doors we were challenged from a dark doorway. Protesting our innocence as just getting lost we hastily made our way back out the IN.

Boy didn’t that make it a late night (one of my photos says it was taken a 1:08am!)

Thanks to everyone for a great skate. Hope to see you all next week.

Get well soon Lou.

Keep skating
Phil A

Warren Miller Ski Movie
If you want to see a really exciting ski movie just as the weather is cooling come along with a huge group of skaters and see Warren Millers 2004 presentation at the State Theatre.

73 Athletes…19 Camera Crews… 4 Continents…1 Epic Film

Meet Jessica Sobolowski, who skis with Glen Plake in JOURNEY, and Kevin Quinn, of Points North Heli-Adventures Inc. at the Sydney show.

Warren Miller camera crews chase the snow year round. JOURNEY takes viewers along for the ride in the quest for perfect conditions from Aspen to Chile and Alaska to Morocco. Journey across four continents with 19 film crews and 73 athletes--including icons Glen Plake, Bode Miller, and Terje Haakonsen--for the adventure of a lifetime.

JOURNEY also includes a tribute to an athlete who pioneered the sport of snowboarding - Craig Kelly. Whether riding rails in Breckenridge or skiing with best friends in Chamonix, this year's film shows that it's not about the destination; it's about the journey.

More info at

When ?
Friday 4 june, 9pm at the State Theatre
Cost $17.50
Names and numbers and contacts can be emailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and money needs to be paid to David in the next 2 weeks.

Don't forget Friday Night Sydney Skate for an easy City Skate experience.

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