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Phil A
Skate Report Wed 17 Dec 2003 EMAIL
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Skate Report Wed 17 Dec 2003

Bill's back was stopping him from strapping on his skates tonight but that didn't stop him from coming to meet with his skating mates and while you are here do you think you could give us a lift back up those big hills?

With Bill as our uphill lift the Hills at Balmain sounded like they could be fun but with no Sean to lead us over there it was left to David to once again lead us on a great skate with many fast downhills. And what a great job too.

Having read the note on our web site that Timbo was organising a group of FireArtFanatics in an exhibition at the Maritime Museum and that he thought we could see it from Pyrmont Bridge we all skated down to the bridge on our way to Balmain but were unable to see even a cigarette lighter being held up so we continued on our way to the Casino Hill for our first rendezvous with our uphill lift. After a couple of quick runs down the Casino Hill we made out way up to Anzac Bridge. This was the second of many times I was separated from the group as everyone walked down the steps to the bridge ramp when there was a perfectly good downhill run to take us there. After a quick run with a few like minded downhillers we caught up with the group at the apex of the bridge ready for a quick run down the Hugh/Bradley memorial run. With a quick word about the traps & lack of run off at the bottom we all took of towards our destination.

After a quick stop at Victoria Rd the impatient ones crossed the busy road and started uphill along the wrong road so we all followed like sheep and ended up back at the same place. This was when the lovely Anna & Jane decided they would pull the pin and head back home. After wishing them farewell I chased the rest of the group back up the hill only to find they had disappeared. Assuming they had skated up to Darling St I quickly skated up to the street but could see no skaters in sight so I phoned Bill. He told me he had driven down to the bottom of Elliot St so I quickly skated this nice smooth long downhill run to find only Bill & myself there. Funny how we both ended up in the same spot (the wrong one too).

After a quick phone call to David we found that we had gone a bit too far along Darling St so after a quick ride back up to the top I was then able to skate down to the bottom and catch up with everyone. At the bottom of the hill Bill & his van became our lift back to the top ready for another heady run to the bottom. And another, and another until when I got to the bottom of the hill there was another car all lit up with reflective signs that didn't say Manly Blades but POLICE ! After some time waiting for the lecture we were able to move off ready for another assault on the hill when we were lit up from behind by some car lights that ended up being Bill who had waited in the shadows until the coast was clear. This was our last run down the hill before we headed of back to the Cargo Bar.

I got a lift back over the Anzac Bridge with Bill and Lou and was able to get a couple of stair rides in at the King St overpass until all the other quick skaters pulled up on the wharf only to be told that the Bar was closed for a private function. We stood around for a while until someone said it was late so they were going home and that finished our night of the Balmain Hills.

What a great night and many thanks to Bill for coming along, even though his worn out body was telling him to take it easy, and providing a quick & fun lift to the top of many hills.

With the next 2 Wednesday nights being Xmas Eve & New Ye
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