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Phil A
Virgin Skate Report Wed 10 Dec 2003 EMAIL
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Virgin Skate Report Wed 10 Dec 2003

After waiting on Bill to arrive with his new van David took the fold into Hyde Park for the start of another fun filled Virgin Skate.

We skated through the Northern End of the park and then across William St to the Southern End of Hyde Park where we all got into the swing of one of Davids zigs & zags through the nice smooth paths. After regrouping at the Oxford St end we then skated down to Park & Elizabeth St where we crossed to Pitt St and the Pitt St Mall. Before we ventured into the Mall David took us up to the David Jones Christmas window decorations where our collective awe was drowned out by the kitsch music.

Wasting no time we then skated through Pitt St Mall and into Martin Place where a few photos were taken in front of the Giant Xmas Tree. From here we skated along George St to Australia Square where we were blocked by hoardings from doing one of the table conga lines in the forecourt so a few broke away from the group to get a quick run through Wynyard. Never mind the hoardings we ended up a bit further along where there is a small lane (which we usually skate uphill) called Abercrombie that took us on a great run into Pitt St. Wasn't that fun.

From here we skated down to Circular Quay and waited a while for a few to line up for Ice Creams. Not wanting to stand around for too long in the middle of the skate most of us continued and left the others to catch up. we skated around the wooden boardwalk in front of the Park Hyatt and around under the bridge. where we had another regroup. Across the road was the inviting Sydney Theatre Company Wharf which we had to skate around on the forecourt and then a few of us had a run around the new Walsh Bay Wahrf complex which bought us out at the bottom of the Ski Hill where everyone was waiting on those who wanted a couple of quick runs down Dalgety Road (the ski hill) from The Lord Nelson Hotel. A quick run up the steps caught most of the stragglers on their first run and afetr a quick downhill run and another walk up the steps I saw Carla, Ryan & Damien having a cool drink on the seat at the front of the Palisade Hotel. Not wanting to be anti-social I joined them for a quick drink before I headed off for my next run down the ski hill. While sitting outside the Palisade I must have seen Mark, Phil T & Ivan having at least 5 runs and when I caught up with Mark he confirmed he had had 7 (very fast) runs. Good on you guys!

I got a bit lost after my third run and had to phone Bill to see if he had taken the top or bottom run to the Cargo Bar and was told they were waiting for the light to change at the top of Kent St so I hotfooted it up to meet them.

The bottom run along Hickson St is usually pretty flat & undemanding so that must have been why Ivan & Phil where striding it out when Ivan got caught up in an unseen pothole. That put an early end to some peoples skate as he had to go & get 8 stitches in his chin. Get better soon Ivan we all wish you a quick recovery.

As those who took the Kent St run got to King St for the downhill stretch to the Cargo Bar we met up with others making their way home as they told us the Cargo Bar was closed for a private function. This was also when we heard about Ivan's fall. Thinking everyone was leaving we also started back uphill to the cars and then off home.

I hope everyone had a good night and a fun skate. I certainly did.

Hope to see you all next week.

Keep skating
Phil A

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