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Johnny Be Good Meyer
The famous Chatswood skate but even more famous now with the latest route updated by the infamous human bullit Sean Cunningham!!!!!!!!! EMAIL
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Skate Report Wed 26 Nov 2003

The skate began.... a little late.... as the hoards of usual suspects or unusual suspect skaters were late and then the train was late, then there was a flood, an earthquake, there was thunder and lightning as James Belushi shows those big fat blue eyes to Carrie Fisher better known as princess Leila!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well they were not James Belushis' eyes but none other than Sean 'bite the human bullit' Cunningham's eyes searching for brand new hotmix and supersmooth tarmac that formed the steepest hills through the undulating land of oz or should I say Sydney. There are many but who can join the dots but no one can join the 'hill' dots like Sean Cunnningham! We started at Chatswood station and then turned east to the shopping complex in the middle of Chatswood that had the highest vertical rise carpark. We proceeded down with many a tight turn with a few coming astray and one totally lost in the wonderful land of oz!

Then on to Artarmon, crossing Mowbray Rd and taking the usual route down to the train station where we waited at the top for 20 minutes as the one we lost in the carpark in Chatswood was tracked but to no avail. In the meantime, Helen and Graham were patiently waiting all this time at the bottom of the hill and then to their disgust we did not turn right at the roundabout but straight down the road and straight past them to head towards Willoughby where we experienced hot flushes of hot mix super smooooooooooooth to the delight of everyone especially Sean Cunningham as he could hear the squeals of delight from behind. At this stage Helen and Graham headed home as Seans' flare for the fast and furious was flippant to them!

The hill onto Willoughby Rd was just so sweet that I could have sworn I was skiing, controlled sliding in each turn down the steepest bit. Dean (world renowned figure skate and ice hockey champion) was complaining as Sean would say slow down here just to be safe, but Dean would would just lose precious speed and had no problems going back up onto the main road safely! On the whole it was a good idea to spread the boundaries set by previous skates from Chatswood to the city! And on the whole it was probably the best set of hills skied in one skate, on the whole!!!!!!!

We arrived from Willoughby then onto Northbridge where we continued our run down towards and over the bridge itself and climbed the stairs on the other side up to Carter st. Then down along the edge of North Sydney but back into Neutral Bay and down the long awaited Ben Boyd Road, not to be confused with the 1950s potter Martin Boyd, who went down many a wrong road but not down The Long and Winding road that leads to a friend of mines' door near Anderson Park and the Ensemble Theatre!

After going around Anderson Park we ended up at Milsons Point where the hill run down and under the bridge could not be missed, well by Mark the Profacca and myself, then over the bridge for two runs down the ski hill and then into the city.

What an awesome skate! Thanks Sean!
Johnny BGM

I would like to add a little to Johnnys great report.
To the London Skater who we lost after the linked carparks in Chatswood, Please come back I am sure you will enjoy yourself on our other skates. Sorry we lost you but we did come back looking for you and you were gone.
How good was the girl on street skates who kept up all night (even without a brake) and was even skitching rides on everything from Taxis to Buses. It was great to have such a committed skater join us on our skate. Looking fo
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