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Skate Report Wed 12 Nov 2003 EMAIL
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Skate Report Wed 12 Nov 2003

After a great group for the Biggest City Skate EVER! last week you might have expected a big group tonight but the leaky clouds around the City must have dampened everyone's spirit as there was only a small group tonight.

As David didn't turn up I had a route in mind and thought I could lead away. Remembering the last time I tried to lead Bill suggested we try the cornerman system that worked so well last time he lead. With that in mind we set off along Macquarie & College Sts to the corner of Oxford St.

We then took the back lanes of Brisbane & Hunt Sts and around the Police Centre to Crown St and after a short stride along here we were ready to tackle Foveaux St. With a word of warning about the street on the left & the street on the right and the Taxi Garage and the Kamikaze Taxi drivers we then sped to the bottom (and for those with a bit of extra energy another run).

At the bottom I tried to tell everyone of the detours required through Central Tunnel before we got there. It was, take the right ramp at the first plaza then the steps back down and into the tunnel again. Then take the escalator to the next plaza and the run down the ramp back into the tunnel keeping to the left and taking the jump off the steps before you go straight through and over the blind person ripple trippers and jump the 3 steps at the bottom. With a quick regroup and a wonder out aloud if the escalators take us back to George St (which they don't) we backtracked to the escalator that did take us out to George St.

After a quick drink stop we headed down Quay St (at Central) to the first of our multi level car parks (with lift) for the night. Remembering the reception we get here now I expected we would only get a couple of runs in here and reminded everyone we needed to get out at the Powerhouse level on our second run. Well we only got one run in here before the golf buggy was seen speeding down the ramps in a vain effort to catch us. This split the group in two and we finally regrouped at the bottom of the steps where we had to brave the security to go up the ramp to the Powerhouse Museum.

Now we got to go back along Harris St to Broadway which is very different to the usual route & more downhill than I expected. We crossed the road to Regent St & followed it up until Cleveland St, where we were able to look at a street directory one of our able & prepared skaters had in his pocket, to confirm we were heading towards our destination. We crossed Cleveland St and skated past Redfern Station & the Block (no, not that one) where the Gendarmes had more to deal with than a bunch of silly skaters on the road. It was a quick trip down Lawson St to the smooth asphalt of Ivy St that bought us out at the entrance to our next multi level car park, with lift. Wow seven floors & no golf buggy in sight. We could have spent more time here but the roads were calling so after a few very quick runs we headed out to City Road which I think was a big mistake as the path was the roughest we have been on for a while.

No one with us went to Sydney Uni so we had to decide whether we could skate up City Rd & through the Uni or go through Victoria Park to Parramatta Rd. We decided to try our luck through the Uni & didn't we have fun. We ended up in front of the Main building when someone suggested we couldn't pass here without a skate through the quadrangle. Wasn't that an understatement! we started out clockwise then across the diagonals then a quarter way around then across the paths the around a bit more and across & ar
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